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A Mandatory List of Essentials to Be Packed for a Surfing Trip!

Travelling for surfing or surfing while travelling – whatever the case be, we are sure you are super excited about it. The immense joy and excitement such trip withholds is easily predictable. But, when you are travelling, it is important to remember carrying all the necessary gear – that way you don’t have to buy, rent, borrow on the go! That is why it is essential to pack your bags with a checklist open with a pre-planned note of all the essentials.

There are chances that you would be joining a surfing camp when the trip is entirely surf centric. In this case, some of the important items like a surfboard is provided by them at the destination itself, and you don’t have to face the hassle of carrying it all the way from home. But, if you aren’t connecting with any such centre, it’s important to be prepared for a completely fabulous surfing trip.

 What should be packed in your bags for your surfing journey?

A backpack ready to be taken on the beach holiday, especially for surfing adventures, needs to have some important items in it. Obviously, if you want to add something more, or the quantity in which you may add them – all that depends upon the length of your stay, how much you are willing to carry and the destination you are travelling to. But some things are just mandatory and couldn’t be left out at all.

  • Surfboard — Obviously, our bag should have a surfboard. If you are flying towards a destination, you’ll have to think twice or thrice before carrying it all the way to your holiday spot. We know the charges to carry them on board can be sky-touching. So, we suggest hiring a good surfboard from the beach itself.  Or get yourself second hand surfboards in UK from The Board Barn, who have a variety of great quality surfboards, both new and pre-owned, in abundance to meet your choices, budget and needs. And if you are driving towards your destination, better carry your favourite board along with you for your own comfort factor.
  • Surfboard travel bag —Never forget that important coating on your board – the surfboard carry bag. Dents and breakage do often happen on surfboards during travels. Ensure you are carrying them in a good, thickly coated travel bag to keep them safe.
  • Fin sets — The more fins you carry for the trip, the better. Most of the time, it usually breaks or gets misplaced during the journey. So, a surplus supply of the same always works.
  • Wax —You’ll obviously need lots and lots of wax to keep your surfboards in excellent condition. It’s surprising how even a good amount of them gets finished in the middle of the trip. Pack a little extra this time so that you don’t have to buy the same at expensive rates on the beach. But remember, to get the preferred wax according to the climate you’re heading for.
  • Appropriate surf wear — Do you like to wear a perfect surf uniform while you’re hitting the waves? Or you prefer a wet suit or swimming costume for the same? Ensure you are packing the best suited costumes keeping in mind the weather of the destination.

With your extra list of towels, sunscreen, rash guards and first aid boxes, these above items will complete your packing for your next surfing trip! Get set go — enjoy! 

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