Best Travel Bulgaria

To travel to Bulgaria is one of the most unexpected and fascinating experiences that you can give yourself in our modern world. Most travelers aren’t familiar with the rich history of Bulgaria, and traveling to Bulgaria puts all that history at your fingertips! The history of Bulgaria will transport each traveler back dozens of centuries to Plishka, Presale, and Valrico Tarnopol, which were the first coveted seats of Bulgarian khans, kings, and czars. Travel to the stone carvings of the Madera Horseman, the Thracian Gold Treasures, and the unforgettable Kazanluk Tomb.

Then continue your travel adventure to the renowned church in Bryana, the peaceful Rila Monastery of Bulgaria, and the famous Renaissance towns of Koprivshititsa, Zheravna, and Melnick. When you travel to Bulgaria, you see where thousands of years of colliding religions, civilizations, styles, and doctrines have built a great modern nation with their shared histories. Travel to Bulgaria! Travel to Bulgaria to listen to the Bulgarian folk songs and chants; intoxicating the ears of travelers with their unique and subtle rhythm, harmony, and melody. When you travel to Bulgaria and take part in traditional celebrations, you’ll be overcome with the joy and merriment of the Bulgarian people, and their spirit for life.

It’s only when you travel to Bulgaria that you can buy the rare gifts and handicrafts of exceptional beauty, fine wood carvings, colorful hand-made rugs, and shining copper-ware. Taste the exquisite Bulgarian cuisine, paired with a fine Bulgarian wine, that’s fully worth traveling for. Travel to Bulgaria for the unique cultural sites that every modern traveler will find unique. When you travel through a museum in Bulgaria, you’re sure to find some of the world’s oldest gold glistening back at you. When you travel to the galleries of Bulgaria, you can’t miss the virtuosic works of Bulgarian master painters from centuries back as well as from today.

And when you travel to classical concerts in Bulgaria, your ears and spirit will be filled with the sounds of traditional Bulgarian music, as your eyes will be delighted by the traditional Bulgarian dance. In Bulgaria, you notice as you travel through its diverse landscapes that the scenery of Bulgaria is quite creative. The land of Bulgaria isn’t large, but like a great patchwork quilt, the land is a symphony of strange rock formations, lurking caves, bright seashores with perfect sands, peaceful coves and capes for the romantic traveler, as well as towering mountains with jagged peaks, glistening lakes, and shady, aromatic woods.

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