Birmingham England Victorian England Tours

When visiting Birmingham England you history buffs and art lovers will be more than pleased with this thousand year old city. With a rich history all its own, Birmingham is now more popular than ever as a travel destination choice for the worlds savviest consumers. Take Birmingham’s rich Victorian history for instance. After being very well off fiscally following the Industrial Revolution, Birmingham’s Victorian era involved a great many building programs and construction of public buildings. The methods of neoclassical construction and implementation were the focal point of these efforts, with the use also of red brick and terracotta in much of their construction efforts.

This massive amount of building and construction efforts paved the way for Queen Victoria in 1889 to declare Birmingham city status officially in the UK. At this time Birmingham received not only this honor but also its own city council, which led to much of its urban planning and overall construction of civic buildings. Today you can still see much of this great architecture alive and well like John Henry Chamberlains Birmingham School of Art and the Greek Orthodox Cathedral in downtown Birmingham. When choosing the best Birmingham hotel for your next journey abroad to the UK, it makes sense to pick one close to much of this historical Victorian architecture and design work.

Birmingham hotels are famous for often being housed in equally historic buildings at times, but most are of modern construction made after World War II. Whether your in town at the international convention center for business or visiting Birmingham as an alternative to its more popular sister city London, you’ll discover why many people are now visiting this great city. Take a tour bus near your hotel to enjoy a guided historic building tour, then cap off your night with a cocktail at a fine dining option, which are plentiful in Birmingham. Peter Merrifield is a London-based freelance journalist with a mission to make you a better and happier human being. Drawing attention to the peculiarities of life in the modern age is all part of the package. Check out his other articles for everything you need to know about travel destinations.

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