There are many reasons to visit Antarctica.

Antarctica is surrounded by majestic glaciers and home to curious penguins. It boasts some of the most stunning landscapes on Earth. While tourism is steadily growing yearly due to global warming awareness, few tourists have visited Antarctica’s frozen shores. This allows it to remain unspoiled and pristine.

A trip to the bottom leaves an indelible impression on all travelers who are brave enough to travel there.

These are the top ten reasons Antarctica should be on your travel bucket list.

Get (Ways) Off-Grid

Are you looking for a remote escape? Antarctica is the most remote place on Earth. A trip to Antarctica, the world’s most icy desert (yes, it is a desert!) This is a unique experience off the grid. According to IAATO (International Association of Antarctic Tour Operations), only 55,614 people visited Antarctica in the 2019-2020 season. It’s easy to see how unique a trip to Antarctica is compared to the seven million annual visitors to the Eiffel tower. The bragging rights you have when you return home are amazing.

Witness Penguin Antics

It is a unique experience to see and smell penguins in their natural habitat. The tuxedoed Antarcticans don’t consider humans to be dangerous. They are just as interested in human visitors to Antarctica as we are.

Visitors must stay six meters from any wildlife when visiting a colony. However, these friendly creatures often approach people to say hello and show their confidence. Watching penguins can be endlessly enjoyable, whether walking down a “penguin highway” on land or jumping through the water to feed.

Send a postcard to the Penguin Post Office.

Port Lockroy, a former British military station-turned-museum, is surrounded by gentle gentoo penguins and stunning icebergs. It is also home to the continent’s only postal center, affectionately called the “Penguin Post Office”. Visitors can drop a special delivery to their loved ones or themselves into the iconic red mailbox.

Epic Whale Watching

Many whale species call Antarctica home. This makes it one of the most popular places to whale-watch. You’ll be able to see many of Antarctica’s species within 24 hours of daylight.

A deck guide can take guests on deck with him to search for water and teach them the tragic history of whaling. You may be able to spot the blue whale, which is the largest animal in the world if you’re really lucky.

Enjoy the Drake Passage, and Live to Tell the Tale

The Drake Passage is also known as the Drake Shake. It’s a 965 km (660 mi) stretch of water that runs between the southern tip of South America and Antarctica. It is the point where the Pacific, Atlantic and Southern Oceans meet to produce extraordinary currents and massive swells, which can reach eight meters (25ft) high. Travelers will enjoy the thrilling two-day Drake crossing. But, don’t let go!

Kayak Among Glaciers

Kayaking is a wonderful way to see the world from a new perspective. You may spot a seal relaxing on the ice or a bird diving for food while paddling through the massive glaciers.

Polar Experts: Sail with Us

Guides who are knowledgeable and experienced are the heart of any Antarctic expedition. Guides can be photographers, historians, geologists or penguinolists. They are experts in their respective fields and eager to share their knowledge about Antarctica.

They lead excursions and also give lectures on board. Guides are passionate explorers at heart. It is wonderful to share a cup of coffee and discuss the amazing place you have both discovered.

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