Top Costa Rica Travel Tips To Make The Most Of Your Trip

It is a popular destination for bird watching, surfing, and adventure sports. Costa Rica has a lot to offer, including white-water rafting, zip-lining , and other activities. You can still escape crowds if you take your time and don’t rush to get there.

We have the best Costa Rica travel tips for you if you are planning to visit Costa Rica in the near future.

Costa Rica travel tips

Top Costa Rica Travel Tips

These top tips will ensure that you have a memorable and enjoyable trip to Costa Rica.

1. Make Manuel Antonio your home

Manuel Antonio, a small community on the southern Pacific Coast, and Quepos, are home to a diverse population of tourists, expats and locals. It’s a great place to spend time. It is also very beautiful, nestled among lush jungle and boasting stunning beaches.

2. Book a beach/treehouse

We did both. One week was spent in a stunning villa overlooking the jungle, and the other week in a home just steps from the beach. Both were wonderful. We enjoyed the privacy and space, as well as the chance to make our own meals (we made gallo pinto). We loved the unannounced visits of locals. Yes, the monkeys!

3. Public transport is an option

You don’t need to rent a 4WD vehicle, although many guides will tell you to. Some roads can become impassable after heavy rains. It’s better to sit in the back of a local driver who is experienced. Organise a transfer from your holiday rental and then take advantage of the local buses that run frequently between Quepos National Park and Manuel Antonio National Park.

4. Visit the local markets

Quepos hosts an excellent farmers market, which runs parallel to the waterfront. Here you will find fresh local produce at a fraction of the cost you would pay in a supermarket, but the quality is much better. There will also be free-range eggs, baked breads, and cakes.

5. Do what the locals do

Quepos and Manuel Antonio host a variety of local events, including yoga classes, football matches, chess tournaments, and movie nights. The friendly locals are always open to welcoming newcomers.

6. Visit the national parks

There are 32 national parks in Costa Rica. The Manuel Antonio National Park, which is home to a wide variety of wildlife, is the most visited. We saw sloths and agouti, tent-making and blue morpho butterflies as well as purple and orange tropical land crabs. A laughing falcon, vibrant toucans and glorious iguanas were also seen.


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