Where to go skiing (and snowboarding) in Bulgaria

Although Bulgaria might not be the first choice when planning a ski vacation in Bulgaria, once you experience the incredible facilities and resorts and rock-bottom prices, it will become clear that you may never want another trip to the Alps.

The country has a long history of winter sports and activities. Their history of Alpine resorts dates back as far as the 19th century. The industry has grown tremendously over the years as interest increased.

Although the best time to ski in Bulgaria varies from one resort to another, you can usually bet on January to March for great conditions.

There is no consensus on which one is best. Each resort has its pros and cons and offers different facilities that suit different personalities and needs. Whether you are an expert skier, snowboarder, mountaineer, or you have never been to the snow before, there is one that will suit you. Here’s a list of the top ski resorts in Bulgaria to help you decide.


Bansko, located in southern Bulgaria in the Pirin Mountains, is a popular choice for British tourists.

Bankso is a popular destination for travelers due to its incredible value. Although it is much less expensive than resorts in Andorra and Switzerland, Bankso offers the same quality. There are incredibly long runs and new facilities. Banks also have a wide range of accommodation options. The apres-ski culture is well-known, with amazing nightlife and top-notch dining that will delight you after a day on a mountain.


Formerly called Chamkoria and the first Balkan ski resort, Borovets is now known as the whole of the Balkans. It was originally built by the Bulgarian monarch Kniaz Ferdinand in 1896 as a summer home and lodge. Today it is a large ski resort and still belongs to the monarchy.

Mt. Rila is the highest mountain in the Balkans and has incredible Alpine skiing facilities. Borovets hosted 12 European and 2 World Cups, so you know you will have access to the best ski runs anywhere.


Malyovitsa, a charming and picturesque resort just 13 kilometers from Govedarci, is a great choice for anyone looking to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Although they provide enough infrastructure to make your stay comfortable, you will feel like you are in another world.

Despite its small size, there is plenty to do in the area. There are many bars and restaurants nearby, as well as an incredible variety of accommodations that offer a lot of charm. This is a great place to take your sweetheart on a winter getaway. Malyovitsa is a wonderful option if you are looking for some romance.


Chepelare is home to the longest ski run in all of Bulgaria. It also houses Atomic Skis, which has been operating in the area since 1981.

It is located in the Rhodopi mountains, and it is home to the only Bulgarian gold medalist in Winter Olympics, Ekaterina Daffovska. This ski area symbolizes true national pride and nostalgia for Bulgarians. It is often described as pure and without the trappings of larger resorts like the plethora of bars and boutiques you might find elsewhere. Also, the prices are significantly lower than in other Bulgarian ski areas. It has a wide variety of runs that vary in difficulty making it a great place to go with friends of different skill levels.


Vitosha, Bulgaria’s closest ski resort, is ideal if you have limited time and want to spend your vacation there. It is close to Sofia and the main airport so you can get on a plane in a matter of hours and be at the mountain in no time. It is known for its exceptional natural powder, with heavy snows that begin in December and last throughout the year.

Two ski areas are located near Vitosha. Aleko Ski Center, the oldest and most well-known in Bulgaria, offers night skiing and is lit at night. Due to its abundance of instructors and rental equipment, Konjarnik-Vetrovala is the best for beginners.


Pamporovo is a hidden gem in the Smolyan Province. It’s the ideal ski resort for families who wish to bring their whole family. They offer a variety of Alpine runs for both beginners and advanced skiers. There is also nearly 40km of cross-country ski tracks for those who don’t want to go downhill.

Pamporovo’s sunny days and mild winter climate are well-known. This means you don’t need to wear any special gear to keep warm on the slopes. You won’t have to worry about the impact of the warm weather on the quality of the snow. They’ve invested in snow-producing machines, grooming devices and other equipment that will ensure beautiful conditions regardless of the forecast for the day.

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