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The Truth behind Christmas Celebration Traditions

People all across the world love celebrating Christmas but only few of them know the idea behind celebrating Christmas. Very few people know that the idea of celebrating Christmas dates back to the 4th Century. The festival was started by the Catholic Church because the rival pagan religion was threatening the existence of Christianity. At …

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South American Christmas Traditions

Christmas in South America is vivid and colorful with splendid celebrations that differ from countries to countries. In Bolivia, Christmas is the season of harvest festival, whereas in some other countries unique rituals make Christmas a season of joy and merriment. To Bolivians, Christmas is a feast of adoration of the Goddess Mother Earth. It …

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Christmas Celebrations in Wondrous Venezuela

Christmas in Venezuela is celebrated with a number of religious and traditional customs. Since a majority here follows Roman Catholicism, celebrating the birth of baby Jesus is an important part of the festivities. Christmas is the main holiday during which Venezuelan families get together and celebrate. The religious celebrations commence more than a week before on …

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Joyful Christmas Celebrations in Vietnam

The way that the Vietnamese people celebrate Christmas is a quotable example of secularism. Though the main religion here is Buddhism and Christians form only a minority, Vietnam celebrates Christmas as one of the four important festivals in the country, the other three being, birthday of Buddha the mid-autumn festival and the New Year. Christmas …

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Deep-Rooted Customs of Yugoslavian Christmas Celebrations

Christmas in Yugoslavia depends much on the age old traditions and customs. As the harbingers of Christmas, the second Sunday prior to the Christmas is celebrated as the Mother’s day, on which, the children play affectionate pranks on their mothers and extend them Mother’s Day wishes. The children tie mother’s feet to a chair and …