Heavy snowfall, floods, earthquakes, landslides, bushfires occur unexpectedly. These natural disasters create havoc, result in loss of lives and damage property. But if you plan in advance, the danger can be reduced significantly. Many state governments start the evacuation process as soon as they get information about the danger. So, If you live in a flood-prone area or any other location that is prone to natural calamities, you must keep yourself ready with all the survival gears. 

Collecting items that will keep you safe in such situations is the first thing you should do. The items will only help you but also come useful for the rescuers. So, here we have listed down some of the essential accessories you need in an emergency evacuation. 

Survival Gears in Natural Calamities

  • Emergency Blankets: One of the most essential and multi-purpose items that proved useful while evacuating. Blankets not only keep your body against cold weather but also helps to extinguish the fire. Blankets can be used in different settings. The modern all-weather emergency blankets and 3-in-1 survival blankets protect against fire, cold weather, hypothermia and more. 

When coupled with Bivvys, the blankets become waterproof and add extra warmth. So, don’t forget to mark emergency blankets in your evacuation list. You can buy quality, lightweight blankets from online stores at cheap prices. 

  • Water Purification Accessories: Floods, bushfires, landslides not only damage the property but also infect our natural resources of water- the lakes, rivers. So, to make water fit to drink buy mini water filters, drinking germicidal water tablets, and water bottle cleaning tablets. 

Emergency drinking water pouches are one of the best solutions to counter the risks of infection if you are residing in a relief camp. 

  • Food Supplies: Water is the necessity, but food should not be left out from the emergency evacuation checklist. The important thing to consider here is stocking food that provides more energy, takes less time to prepare and do not require any heater or stove to prepare. From biscuits, cookies, energy bars to flavoured glucose powders, ORS is a must.

Police and military personnel eat packed food ration bars, and you can add the same in your emergency food supplies. Choose only instant make packaged foods with that have extended expiry date. 

  • First Aid Kit: There might be chances you get injured during the evacuation. First-aid kit should be the priority when preparing your emergency bag. The kit should have tourniquets, bandages, chest seals, scissors, ABD pads, pain relief tablets, shears and more. 

Accessories for Rescuers

When it comes to the rescue operation, extra care has to be taken. You have the responsibility to evacuate people safely, and it involves lots of challenges. So here are some survival accessories that will benefit you. 

  • Ropes, Compass and Remote: For a professional involved in the rescue process should have high-quality ropes to move through tough ways, compass and smart radios for communication. Other essential accessories include light sticks, signal mirror, remote switches, duct-tape, survival edge knife, shovel, firestarters, waterproof case and more. 

511 tactical clothing, stun guns and tasers, flashlights, are some of the other essential an individual should have in handy while evacuating. If you have these items ready with you, then you can save yours and others life from danger and survive the calamity.