Tire Blowout Accidents: Can You Receive Compensation For Damage

Tire blowouts are scary and can happen for many reasons. Tire blowouts can occur due to hitting potholes, debris, or other road hazards. Major accidents can occur when tires burst. A collision can be avoided if a vehicle responds immediately to the blowout and moves off the road.
A tire blowout can cause serious injuries. A tire blowout can cause the driver to lose control and crash into another vehicle or damage stationary property. Tire ruptures can cause a car to crash into pedestrians. These collisions can cause serious injuries, or even death, and it can be difficult for victims to seek compensation for tire blowout damage.

Tire blowout accident
This article will discuss all factors that could affect compensation following a tire blowout accident.

Auto insurance coverage for tire blowouts
Comprehensive insurance covers you against any incidents that may result in tire blowouts. Comprehensive insurance covers damage to your vehicle that was not caused by an accident. Comprehensive insurance can second hand damaged cars for sale adelaide if you are not involved in a collision.

Comprehensive insurance does not guarantee that a tire blowout will be covered. If your tire was damaged, it is not considered a covered event.

How to determine liability
You might be able hold the responsible party or persons accountable for any injuries or damages caused by a tire blowout.

Vehicle Owner: It is the responsibility of vehicle owners to maintain their vehicles. If a tire is too low, the owner of the vehicle may be held responsible for any injuries or death that results from a collision.
Manufacturer of Tires: It is the responsibility of tire manufacturers to ensure that their products are safe and usable. If a defective or poorly made tire causes a tire to blow out on the road, the manufacturer could be held responsible.
Tire retailer: A tire retailer may be liable if they sell a defective tire or market an older or used tire as a brand new one. Tire retailers must adhere to recalls, or they could be held responsible if they sell recalled tires.
Government Agency: If bad road conditions cause a tire to burst, the government agency responsible for planning the road or the organization that maintains it could be held responsible.
Auto Repair: An auto repair shop may be responsible if a tire is not properly fitted or the wrong one was installed to the vehicle. These events can lead to a tire blowout or a serious collision.


A recent study found that tire blowouts account for 6.7% of all accidents. It is important to take every precaution to avoid tire blowouts. These six preventative measures can help you avoid a fatal tire blowout.
Avoid driving in dangerous areas.
Tire rotation
Have your tires professionally checked once a year
Change your tires regularly
Choose the right size tire
Alignment and balancing

Legal assistance
A lawyer can help you explain your options for seeking compensation after an accident. A lawyer can help you file a claim with your insurance company or with third parties. The lawyer will help you determine the value of your case based on your specific case and any costs that you have incurred.

Last Thoughts
Properly maintaining your tires will make it less likely that you have a tire blowout. Tire maintenance is often neglected, and this puts people at risk. A defective or untrained tire can also make it more likely that your tire will blow out. It can be difficult to hold the culprit responsible when this happens.

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