How To Travel More Sustainably

We’ve spent the past year sat in our homes, dreaming of our next adventure, and have been there for most of the time. People are becoming more conscious of the negative impact that we have on the planet and other living creatures. Many people are now more interested in sustainable travel. Travel is not the most environmentally-friendly thing we do. We continue to increase our carbon footprint every time we fly, cruise, or take a ride.

There are many ways that we can offset our carbon footprint, and make smarter travel decisions to protect our planet. These are some travel-friendly tips that will keep globetrotters content and not harm our precious natural environment.

Pick green destinations

These places have made a significant impact on the world’s travel community by investing more in sustainability initiatives than others. This should be your main criterion when choosing where to travel: look for eco-friendly countries and regions where you can fully embrace the green mindset. Participating in local initiatives like planting trees on Hawaii can help you to contribute to local reforestation. You may also find other ways to make an impact.

Travel locally and explore

More people discovered local travel during the pandemic. They were able to travel within their own country for as little as a year. This has not only helped local economies, but also enabled people to discover other green ways to make local tourism more sustainable. People in Australia have tended to choose road trips over flying or taking the packed bus. Many locals have chosen sustainable car sharing in Sydney as a way to plan more thoughtful road trips. It is cost-effective and, above all, encourages people to explore the richness of the natural reserves in the region in an eco-friendly way.

Choose sustainable stays

It’s not surprising that boutique hotels and other accommodations are using cleaner methods to attract eco-conscious travellers, given the new green trends and increasing demand for sustainable travel options. The first sustainable villa in Tuscany is a great choice if you are looking to travel abroad. They only use 100% sustainable energy and no chemicals in their swimming pools. You will also find other beach resorts trying to be green and achieve their sustainability goals. This means you have many green options available, and not just traditional resorts that do not care about the environment.

Plastic is gone!

Waste is a major problem that travelers have to deal with. Not only are energy and water issues very common, but also plastics and other materials are often purchased by travelers that contribute to the overall problem of waste. You can also choose to reusable and no plastic items, in addition to looking for greener, more sustainable accommodation options. This applies to souvenirs as well as other international purchases. Choose natural fabrics and materials, but don’t forget to choose reusable items that aren’t dependent on plastic.

Do good deeds in your local community

You don’t have to be able to enjoy a vacation with just a few drinks on the beach. You will find local organizations that can help families affected by natural disasters to recover.


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