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The 5 Best Luxury Garment Bags For the Traveling Professional

If your job requires you to both dress well and constantly travel, looking stylish and put-together while on the go is a must. Wrinkled or creased clothing is entirely out of the question, which is a big reason why a luxury garment bag is a vital tool in retaining the fresh and polished look and feel of your clothes during your day-trips. A garment bag is also light and compact, making it easily transferable throughout your trip.

So which luxury bag would best meet your needs? Here are a few garment bags to consider.

  1. Zegur-Suit Carry-on Garment Bag
    Currently Amazon’s best-selling suit-travel bag, Zegur’s garment bag is a simple design, yet classic and convenient. It offers buckled tie-downs to keep your clothing in place along with four separate pouches to store any accessories, shoes, ties, or any small items you may be carrying on your tip. The bag also features a strap to slide over to top of luggage so you can carry it conveniently, with an interior dual buckle to hold your garments in place, preventing wrinkles and creases. The bag is currently offered in two colors, black and luxury gray. The black bag is priced at $48.95, and the luxury gray one is priced at $57.95.
  2. Modoker Convertible Travel Bag
    Priced at just $44, the Modoker Travel Bag is a fancy combination of a duffel bag and a garment bag. You can roll it up like a duffel bag or lay it flat like a garment bag, offering you convenient versatility in your travels, depending on your preferences, how much you’re packing, and how much space you have. If you’re traveling duffel bag style, you can fit your fancy garments in the bag’s bottom slot, and could store your laptop, headphones, undergarments and small books in the rest of the space. The bag also features a detachable shoulder strap and is water and scratch resistant, using high quality Polyester fiber and Jacquard.
  3. AmeriLeather Wheeled Leather Garment Bag
    If you’re looking to store more things in your garment bag for an extended business trip and still want to travel in elegance and style, check out the AmeriLeather Wheeled Leather Garment Bag. Sporting a gorgeous leather construction, the 14 pound bag comes with two wired hangers, three garment cross straps, a combination lock, corner meshed zippered pocket and toiletry pouch, an adjustable and removable leather shoulder strap, and several other features. The bag is currently priced at $306.99 on eBags, which is now hosting a semi-annual travel sale.
  4. Hartmann Metropolitan 2 Garment Sleeve
    Hartmann’s lightweight 44” Metropolitan 2 Garment Sleeve was crafted from ballistic nylon, making it both durable and elegant with its vegetable leather trim and heritage Ducord striped accents. The bag is both practical and stylish, sporting a slim and modern silhouette with a chic flair. Its interior is luxurious, designed to hold any hanger style, and featuring several pockets to organize your small items and a padded, tri-fold suiter to ensure easy packing. It’s currently priced at $127.82 on Amazon.
  5. Butler Luxury’s Museum Quality Suit or Tux Cover

The quality of Butler Luxury’s suit cover is also definitely something to marvel at, and the effort and intentionality the manufacturers put into their suit design is unmatched. Developed in partnership with museum textile conservators, the suit cover is artfully tailored, generous in size with a 4” gusset, and made with buttons instead of zippers to prevent snagging. The design allows your clothes to breathe, is free of all harmful chemicals, preserves their original form, and is 100 percent woven to conservator specifications. You’ll never have to worry about your clothes while traveling, and the luxury bag’s versatility allows you to transport it easily. It’s currently priced on Butler Luxury at $59.

Ready to travel? Butler Luxury is the Best Choice for You
Choose Butler Luxury for a quality purchase that’s as timeless as your most treasured garments are. Purchase a garment bag today to travel at ease and in style!

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