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The Best Things To Do When Visiting The Blue Mountains In Sydney

When it comes to one of the most scenic and popular displays of nature present in New South Wales of Australia, it’s none other than the Blue Mountains in Sydney. You are sure to experience some of the finest spotting opportunities for wildlife and also a wide set of options to do hiking trail. 

When you’re going to the Blue Mountains day trip from Sydney, you will be very pleased to know that mountains are actually blue colour in real life, as you might have seen them in pictures. This beautiful phenomenon which turns out to be natural overall increases the immersive feeling of the place. 

Top Things To Do When Visiting The Blue Mountains In Sydney

1. Visiting The Three Sisters Plaza Or The Echo Point

There’s no doubt that the Three Sisters Plaza is one of the most fantastic and popular sights in the Blue Mountains. It is one of the very reasons why people visit the mountains in the first place. The legend says that the statues were formed when a witch doctor tried to save three sisters from a tribal war, which broke out because they were in love with warriors from another enemy tribe. Since the witch doctor had died in the battle, there was no way that the sisters could be returned to their human form.

The statues stand tall almost 3,000 feet above the sea-level. They are surrounded by the valleys and the Blue Mountains. To reach there from the Echo Point, you need to follow the Three Sisters Track and thus spiral down the Giant Stairway. Since the stairs are steep, make sure you have sufficient energy to climb back up.

2. Heading Over To The Wentworth Falls

The Wentworth Falls is one of the most popular spots located at the Blue Mountains and can be reached with the help of the Wentworth Falls Track. You will enjoy the clear view of the falls and also the valley that 100 metres deep down as well. You can easily take a small walk in this place to bask in the gorgeous and impressive views of nature.

3. Watching The Govetts Leap

This has been described as one of the most famous lookouts in Australia. The place will help you provide the view of the brilliant tree forest producing thick gum and also a 180 metres deep waterfall as well. In case you are fortunate enough, you can even get a glimpse of the black cockatoo which is yellow-tailed and maybe also a King Parrot too. The view of the place is stunning with a simple lookout over the unseen wilderness of nature.

4. Visiting Leura

If you want to experience a unique atmosphere with lots of nearby trails for walking having a good view of the surroundings, then you surely need to visit Leura. Leura is a little village located around the Blue Mountains. The place shows-off a number of gardens that are all owned privately and are only open to the public during different times of the year. If you want a garden that is open all year round, then Everglades Gardens is certainly one of them. The place offers the area to do your picnic with your friends or family and also offers a view of the Jamison Valley.

The place can be the perfect starting spot to walk into other lookouts and waterfalls. Some of the other surrounding places that you should visit are Linda, Leura, Bridal Veil Falls, Lila, etcetera.

5. Basking In The Glory Of The Katoomba Falls

The best thing about Katoomba Falls is its staircase or balcony effect, which instantly improves the look of the place. The scenery that surrounds the place is also beautiful. If you’re visiting the Blue Mountains for just a short period, this is the waterfall that you should visit first.

If you’re starting your journey from the Echo Point and walking all the way pass the Prince Henry Cliff Walk, you will walk past the Katoomba Cascades and thus arrive at the Cliff View Lookout. This lookout will provide you with the best view of the Katoomba Falls from a wide distance. 

You can also get closer to the waterfalls by walking down the circuit track known as the Round Walk Trail, which mainly starts from the Scenic World. 

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