You Should Always Hide In Your Hotel Room When Traveling

Travelers’ worst nightmare is having their bag or wallet stolen while on vacation. You’ll not only lose your valuables but also be without cash or credit cards. If your phone is stolen, ApplePay and other payment apps are rendered useless.

An emergency credit card can come in handy if your wallet or purse is stolen while on vacation. It will provide you with the funds to get you through until you return home. To make your emergency credit card more useful, here are some tips.

You must keep it active

A credit card for emergencies is not meant to be used often. This can signal to credit card companies that you are not using your card often enough. The issuing company could cancel your card if the card isn’t used for at least one year. This could be very problematic if you need your emergency credit card but find it is no longer valid. To keep your backup credit card active, make sure you use it at least once per year. Also, pay it off immediately to avoid interest accruals and to prevent you from forgetting about the balance.

A Card Can Help Verify Identity

In order to fly home, you will need to show proof of identity if you lose your passport or driver’s licence. A credit card can be helpful in the verification process. There are ways that the airline or TSA can help a passenger fly domestically if they have lost their ID card. This can be done by presenting a credit card. It’s easy to conceal an emergency credit card in your hotel room. The safe is the best option. However, you can stash it in a book, your luggage, or even a shoe you don’t wear. It’s very likely that one credit card will be all you have in the safe. You can set a reminder on your phone to empty the safe, tape a note to you on the door of your hotel room, or place something you are certain you will not leave behind in the safe.

How to Travel Smartly

It’s not a good idea to use your emergency credit card and have the transaction blocked by authorities because it isn’t from your country. To reduce the chance of your card being flagged, notify your credit card in advance of your travel plans. This can be done online through your credit card portal, or by calling customer service.

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