Best animal experiences in the world

It’s awe-inspiring to watch animals in their natural environment. If it’s penguins making their way home or a lion sitting down to sleep, There is nothing like the thrill of watching wildlife go about their day…especially near them.

We’ve compiled a list of 12 top animal encounters and experiences worldwide worth a trip. This is a suggestion: keep a good camera for capturing these incredible creatures when they roar, snore, or glide.

Puffins with spots in Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland is home to most puffins in the world, so Reykjavik can be an ideal spot to see these famous birds in the wild. You can take A Express tour to Akurey, a nature reserve where puffins are used as a nesting area. The time also includes binoculars for you to have an even better view.

Make reservations quickly, though. Puffin watching is extremely popular, and the cruise only operates in the peak season from May through August. The tiny vessel can get near the shore in the event of a storm and the current tide. Make sure you have an excellent zoom camera.

Where can I stay in Reykjavik

Discover falcons and camels within Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Imagine Dubai, And the first animal that comes out of your head could be the camel. Yes, there are a few at Jumeirah Beach. However, plenty of other fantastic wildlife experiences can be found outside of the city.

In this Travelers’ Choice award-winning desert tour, You’ll take a camel ride across the dunes. Take the chance to pet a majestic falcon, too (the bird is the national in the UAE!). The tour runs all through the year. However, temperatures are more chilly from November until April.

If you’re looking for an unwinding experience, tour your options in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve in this half-day excursion. The guide will drive you through the vast natural reserve on a comfortable Range Rover to spot gazelles and rare Arabian oryxes.

Where can I remain in Dubai

Take a Safari within Nairobi, Kenya

The park is located on the outskirts of Nairobi, on the outskirts of Nairobi’s famous Nairobi National Park, and provides an opportunity to take one of Kenya‘s best safari drives. From zebras to the majority of the Big Five, there are many wild animals you can observe close. On certain occasions, seeing the towering buildings of Nairobi’s capital city is possible as a backdrop. Impressive, right?

Although you can drive yourself or take a safari trip can allow you to get the most chances of seeing wildlife within the park. Guides will also guide visitors to the Giraffe Center and the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust to feed giraffes and take a look at elephants. Visit in the dry season from July to October when the vegetation isn’t as dense, and it’s easier to spot animals.

Where can I remain in Nairobi

Sea turtles swim in the green on Maui, Hawaii

Three miles away from Maui Three miles from Maui is Molokini Crater, a crescent-shaped island flush with marine life throughout the year. Imagine sea urchins, eels, as well as schools of colorful fish and, obviously, Hawaiian green sea turtles.

This snorkeling trip can take you right to the bottom of the crater via an electric boat and also includes an excursion to Turtle Town, where you can meet stunning blue sea turtles. While visibility may not be as high during the rainy months of November through March, you may be able to see Humpback whales.

What is the best place to stay in Maui

Catch the Penguin Parade at Phillip Island, Melbourne

Every night, thousands of fairy penguins come out of the ocean to return to their roosts at Phillip Island. The island is known for its Penguin Parade; it’s among the most adorable animals to encounter in Australia (and perhaps all over the world!). Be sure to arrive early to secure an ideal place to watch the parade.

Enjoy the best enjoyment Melbourne excursion by taking the all-day Phillip Island tour. In addition to the Penguin Parade, you’ll get to feed kangaroos in the wild, play with wallabies, and even spot the mysterious Tasmanian devil.

Where can I reside in Melbourne

Experience penguins up close in Cape Town, South Africa

Yes, South Africa also has penguins! They play freely at Boulders Beach in Cape Town all through the year. However, the most popular season is in the nesting time (February through August), during which hundreds of African penguins are seen grazing on the beach. It is quieter from September until October when many hunts for food in the ocean.

The private excursion takes you towards Boulders Beach and other picturesque spots, such as the Cape of Good Hope. Cape of Good Hope. Watch for wildlife along the route; you might spot ostriches, baboons, and even ostriches.

Where can I Stay In Cape Town

Whale watching is a must in Juneau, Alaska

If you are a fan of whales, Juneau is the right time to visit. From April through September, over 600 giant whales come back to the waterways to eat. With mountains in the background and azure waters, you can watch them play, blow or shake their tails. Then there are orcas, dolphins, orcas, and sea lions appear too.

Many travelers highly suggest this whale-watching and glacier tour which includes knowledgeable guides and a hike to the spectacular Mendenhall Glacier and Nugget Falls. If you’re lucky enough, you could be able to spot black bears as well as Bald Eagles while you’re there.

Where can you Stay in Juneau

Begin to meet manatees in Crystal River and Naples, Florida

Manatees are common for travelers at Crystal River and Naples, Florida. Image: (from left to right) Greg L/Tripadvisor.

Fun fact: Manatees are called sea cows because of their slow movement and grazing habits. They reside in shallow waters of the coast in specific regions within the United States, and Florida is the perfect place to spot them.

For a closer encounter, visit Crystal River to dip with manatees. Don’t be surprised if a few of them approach you to kiss (yep, they’re so curious!). It’s no wonder that travelers claim this is among the top bucket list adventures.

This cruise on a wildlife boat in Naples can be an excellent way to get to know the aquatic creatures. Manatees are seen all year long. However, you have a greater chance to spot them when the tide is at its lowest while the sun’s at its peak. Try to find bull sharks or alligators as well.

Where can I reside within Crystal River

Sloths on the spot are found in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

They are Costa Rica‘s national animal. Although they’re not uncommon, spotting them in the rainforest can be difficult because they usually are hidden in the trees.

To improve the chances of spotting the animals that are slow to move, take part in this full-day trip that departs out of Tamarindo. The tour includes an excursion to Finca Verde, an organic farm and wildlife sanctuary in the valley. When you explore the forest, your guide will highlight nature such as sloths, snakes, toucans, and Frogs.

Need to get into hiking? Take a break with the Tamarindo estuary tour instead. The guide’s keen eye can help you find crocodiles, howler monkeys, and many birds.

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