Best Things To Do In Lincoln, Nebraska

Visitors will find a wide range of cultural and historical attractions in Nebraska’s capital city. It is easy to move around the city. You could rent a car but it’s much more fun to explore the city on foot, particularly in the historical Haymarket District.

Nebraska is home to many of the best museums in the state. There are plenty of things to do that relate to art and history. Sports fans will find plenty of live sports in Nebraska, home to the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Lincoln is a beautiful destination thanks to its zoos and gardens, as well as the stunning architecture.

Pinnacle Bank Arena

The new state-of the-art arena in Lincoln was completed in 2011. The arena attracts people from all walks of the country to watch live sports, theatre, and concerts. It can accommodate up to 15,000 people and hosts on average 140 events each year. Check out the events at Pinnacle Bank Arena as you plan your trip to Lincoln. You can watch the Cornhuskers on the basketball court and maybe your favorite touring musician will be there.

Saint Mary Catholic Church

The impressive Saint Mary Catholic Church is located across the street from State Capitol Building. The church’s stunning facade, limestone arches, towering spires and bell towers will captivate architecture lovers. The church’s cream-white exterior is enhanced by its gray and black accents as you get closer. Although the original church was constructed in 1888, it was nearly destroyed by fire 18 years later. The current version of the church is faithfully recreated from the original design. It is one of the most beautiful buildings on the town.

Lincoln Children’s Museum

The Lincoln Children’s Museum offers a fun and educational experience for children. It has three floors. Let the children run wild as they explore the world of play and discover new things. There are more than 40 experiences available that can be done by children, including the ability to build, climb, dance and sing. This will lead to laughter and endless fun among all ages. The museum also offers educational workshops. You can take a break at the cafe for refreshments and food. You should not leave the store without checking out the toys.

Sheldon Museum of Art

The Sheldon Museum of Art is a great place to explore contemporary and modern art. The museum is located on the University of Nebraska campus. This display includes a selection of items from the university’s collection as well as the private depository of Sheldon Art Association. The museum has over 12,000 items from the 19th to 20th centuries. The museum features works in geometric abstraction, color field painting and American Impressionism. It also has embellished sculptures. This last category is best explored at the Sheldon Museum of Art’s extensive sculpture garden.

Governor’s Mansion

The Governor’s Mansion is a luxurious Georgian Colonial home built in 1957, just a short walk from Nebraska’s State Capitol. This building replaces the original governor’s residence in Nebraska, which was built in 1890. The red-brick façade and towering columns make it a stunning sight. They are surrounded by manicured gardens and leafy pines. You can wander around the renovated mansion, which has over 30 rooms. Only five bedrooms are found within the mansion. You can sign up to receive a guided tour every Thursday. This will allow you to learn more about the history and memorable events that occurred within these walls.


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