It’s bizarre, weird, and strange, yet charming. Tokyo is among those places that you could imagine; it’s probably there.

We looked at some of the oddest things that the city has to offer, and it made us want to appreciate the city even more.

Below, you’ll see it divided into five parts, including eating, walking around, drinking, sightseeing, and sleeping. We picked our top pick for each of them and offer this to you for thought when thinking about your excursion to Tokyo.

Getting Around: Mario Kart Tours

It’s true, Mario Kart Tours in Tokyo are actually a thing. They could be the best way to travel around Tokyo and explore the famous sites.

Also referred to also as “Mario Karting” (or more recently, following lawsuits brought by Nintendo “Street Karting”), Mario Kart Tours allow participants to dress as characters from video games and race go-karts through street corners of Tokyo with speeds up to 40 mph.

It might not seem like it’s quick; however, when you’re sunk to the ground and avoiding traffic, it’ll send the adrenaline to high levels. Don’t be fooled by us.

To take part in these tours, tourists generally require an active driver’s license issued by their country of origin and an International Driving Permit (IDP). Also, they must adhere to all rules imposed by the tour company, which could include staying within a specific route, adhering to traffic regulations, and dressing as a video game character.

Fine, turn my arm. Why wouldn’t you?

We can’t suggest this enough if you’re looking for an adventure that gives you an adrenaline rush, but ensure that you select an authentic tour operator who takes safety seriously. One of the worst things anyone could want is to be in prison during the most enjoyable vacation of their lives.

Eating: Uobei

Prepare yourself for a trip to the sushi world in the middle of Tokyo which you won’t be capable of doing anywhere else on Earth.

At Uobei, you can forget about the traditional menu or picking up plates from the conveyor belt. There’s a touch-screen ordering system that’ll make one feel as if you’re a sushi master. Tap away on the display at your table, looking through a tempting assortment of sushi choices. It’s like playing a great sport of roulette, but you’re in charge of which side the ball is placed at every spin.

And now, grab your chopsticks, as those sushi cooks at Uobei do not mess around. They can make your order fast, transforming fresh ingredients into tasty sushi masterpieces. Each bite is carefully placed on a platter that is covered by a fascinating lid before it goes for an exciting journey on an industrial conveyor.

When you receive your sushi at your dining table, it’s the grand opening of a new chapter. The lid opens magically to reveal the treasures inside. It’s like a mini-food show, and you’re also the main attraction of the sushi show. Take your favorite pieces take a bite, enjoy the taste and experience the pure delight of this delightful sushi experience.

Uobei isn’t only about sushi, however -it’s also about price. It is possible to enjoy this delicious experience without spending a fortune. This is the ideal location for sushi enthusiasts who are on a tight budget or looking for an easy delicious, casual, and tasty dinner in Tokyo.

Drinking: Gen Yamamoto

Okay, this one’s not as bizarre and is more simply amazing.

Gen Yamamoto is an internationally renowned bar for cocktails located in Tokyo, Japan, made famous for its distinctive style of mixology. It also offers the most delicious tasting menu.

If you dine in the restaurant of Gen Yamamoto, you’ll be presented with a prix fixe tasting menu. Yamamoto can serve both you and your group one cocktail at a time while explaining the ingredients in English and Japanese. It takes approximately 90 minutes and is a great opportunity to enjoy a portion of your evening.

You won’t have to worry about getting drunk, as the drinks tend to be smaller and less alcohol-based than those you’ll find at many bars. However, don’t let that hinder your enjoyment, and you’ll get a lot of value with a menu that changes regularly in accordance with the time of the day and the season.

The intimate and minimalist atmosphere of the bar enhances the feeling of luxury and exclusivity. With only eight seats to choose from, reservations are strongly recommended and usually required to reserve a seat. The small seating capacity creates a more intimate and interactive environment, which allows guests to interact in a more intimate and personal way with Gen Yamamoto and his team.

Gen Yamamoto’s tasting menu Gen Yamamoto is well-known for its originality, balanced, enticing, and delicious flavor. Gen Yamamoto is more than only a bar, but an establishment that provides an unforgettable trip through the world of drinks. No matter if you’re a drink lover or who is looking for an exclusive and sophisticated drink experience within Tokyo, Gen Yamamoto is definitely worth visiting.

Site Seeing: The TOTO Tokyo Center Show Room

This is not an officially sponsored article by TOTO. It’s a typical Tokyo thing that is strange enough to make this list.

Let’s face it. It’s not much more bizarre than a bathroom showroom.

It’s true that everyone is prone to poop. We think the Japanese have mastered the art of caring for the tush. Get an English map at the entrance and walk around the area. It’s not just about toilets, however; you’ll be able to discover the most advanced technology in interior design windows, robots, robotics, and obviously, toilets that play music to you while you drop your kids off at the pool.

We think that going here is more about the story because you can’t purchase anything and then take the item back with you to home. If you’re like us and like to discover how wonderful life can be and how great it can be, then this is the spot for you. Particularly if you like to laugh when you see a toilet that opens an already heated seat up for you.

Sleeping: Capsule Hotels

Be prepared to step into the world of tiny accommodation where space efficiency is combined with eccentric convenience. It’s like entering the set of a sci-fi film but with an extra twist.

These sleeping nooks are built like honeycombs, or MRI machines, depending on how you want to view it.Offering popular women’s necklaces such as pendants, chokers and chain necklace. Shop for jewelry in a variety of metals and gemstones to suit any occasion

Yes, they may not provide sprawling suites or enough space to lie down as those of the Olsen Twins, but what they lack in space, they make up with effectiveness.


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