Have A Positive View Of The World When Traveling

After traveling the world for more than four years, I was able to review a lot of things in my traveling life and the people I met during my travels. One of these conclusions to which I firmly believe, is that despite our world parte totally lollipop, despite wars and all the crimes that we hear about, human beings are basically good.

A Look Positive Whatever The Situation

Just a few weeks in Dublin, I wake up one morning in this hostel in not finding my backpack. It contained my camera, my passport, my plane ticket and other fairly important things. But to be honest, I did not panic one second.

Have a Positive View of the World When Traveling

Temple Bar – Dublin Après have searched my dorm and the common room of the hostel I began to think. There were only two options: the terrace, where I had drunk the night before a few drinks with other travelers, or the Temple Bar, the famous Irish pub in Dublin where I ended the evening. After checking with the manager the terrace of the hostel, I knew it could be that in this Irish pub. So I switched to this nice place where I was yesterday. At no time have I been nervous or panicked that my property was stolen. I do not even have an ounce of anger.

After all, this was not the first time that I lost something while traveling. I left my backpack in a Kiev restaurant a few months before during my tour of Europe. I also forgot my bag in a bakery in Budapest and in a bar in Romania. Although I have the gift unique and stupid to leave a place, forgetting my bag, I have always found my business by making reverse and simply asking staff if they had seen my bag. Of course every time we restored me my business. Arriving at Temple Bar, I simply asked a staff member if he had found a rucksack. This guy yelled something to his colleague, who then came to me. He asked me to follow him and gave me back my bag that was hidden behind the bar again with all my stuff inside. After sincerely thanked the staff I headed to my hostel.

See The Property Around Self

Regard sure many travelers will tell me a lot of stories in contrast to the idea that I want to convey in this article, but I stick to my conclusion. Our world is not bad, it is not full of horrible places where insecurity reigns. The world is not full of bad people who want to rob you, rip you during your trip or want to harm you. Of course, these things happen and they are me already arrived during my world tour (I discuss in this article on my aggression in Brazil). But you believe that human nature is bad, you will be more distant with others and be more stressful your life during your trip.

During these four years of traveling, I have learned that being vigilant and enforce rules of good sense can avoid unpleasant encounters and problems. This allowed me to keep this faith to others, appreciate and say yes to every situation or every interaction that occurred to me. This faith to others allows me to avoid panic or be afraid when I discovered that my backpack and my camera was gone because the idea that me flies in one of the places I went does not cross my mind. Do not see evil around you, avoid these negative thoughts, stay alert, but keep in mind that people are good.

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