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Ways to recognize ladyboys in Thailand

A Ladyboy, also known as Katoey (in Thai) is transgender or transsexual and most reside in tourist areas. There are women in a lot of bars in Thailand because, simply it’s more easy for women to make higher amounts in these places. The people of South-East Asia have certain physical characteristics which allow many people to change their genders without notice. This is why it can be difficult to spot males in roads in Thailand especially when you’re traveling your first visit. I’ve seen a lot of them identical to girls or more!

Ladyboys are viewed differently by different types of travelers. Some people prefer not to be around ladies and others are scared of them, while others purposefully look for to meet them. But, Thai people are known for their tolerant nature and, in reality I’m able to say that’s a part of their cultural norms.

They don’t view ladies negatively and generally don’t judge about the choices others make. Follow their example!

Personally I don’t have anything against transgender individuals and I am with them when it comes to the expression of their identities.

I thought it might be an excellent idea to write this piece and provide fellow travelers with useful suggestions on how to spot ladyboys in Thailand since at times, it may seem to be impossible.

Be attentive to the following areas that comprise her entire body.

Females generally have narrow shoulders and hips that are broad and thighs, whereas males have broad shoulders and hips with narrow widths.

The forearms of women are slightly bent, whereas men’s forearms are straight.

Don’t be relying on your eyes to spot the Adam’s Apple, as there are surgical procedures that can remove the bone.

A woman’s average height for the average Thai lady can be measured at 157.3 cm (about 5ft 2 inches) and the average height of males averages 167.5 millimeters (about 4 inches higher).).

Try to get her arms straight and then try to get her elbows in line without benting the arms. If she’s got an average female skeleton, she can easily perform this. If not, congrats you’ve discovered a woman.

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Take note of the following aspects concerning her appearance:

Males typically have a longer hairline than females.

Males have the horizontal bone ridge over our eyebrows, whereas females have a more smooth and a flatter forehead.

The female eyebrows tend to be higher, and more space is available between the eyebrows and eyes;

Male jaws are bigger more erect, and they often have sharp corners in the rear.

The voice

The ladies, particularly the more recent ones, try to speak with a higher tone to appear more female. But, understanding this is a skill that requires many hours to master. You’ll probably be able to learn this technique when spending time within Thailand for a few months.

The hands

The majority of men have larger hand than females. However, I did meet some Thai guys with tiny palms. If you’re not sure, examine her hands and determine whether her skin appears smooth as it is with the majority of ladies or not.

Extra trick

If her ring finger is larger then her index finger sorry, but she’s probably He.

The manner in which they dance

I was told this by an old-timer who’s been traveling to Thailand for over 20 years: “Most of them are unable to dance to save their lives due to the fact that they have the male Gen’.

Doing hair-dressing

Ladyboys are usually fumbling with their hair due to the fact that they’re not used to it and are somewhat self-conscious about it.

Location and the location

Look up for the location of your destination on the maps you’re visiting and talk to people who live there particularly when you are in Bangkok, Pattaya as well as Phuket. For instance, Soi 6 district in Pattaya is famous because of its many bars that have many (female) women who escort. Soi 6/1 is, however located just a few feet away, is famous for its female-oriented bars.

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Are you a ladyboy?

Like I said, Thai people are pretty flexible and there’s nothing wrong in revealing that someone is a woman. Of course there are some who might be upset in the event that you believe they’re not all female, but if you approach them with a careful manner it’s all good.

Ask for her ID

None of the methods previously used are foolproof. They’re all subjective and could differ depending on the situation. The most reliable solution is to inquire for their ID. Today, the majority of Thai identity cards can be found Thai and English languages, so should you inquire for the ID (you could say that you’re asking for it to verify your age) and you meet Mr. somebody, you’ve got the answer.

And lastly, just like the people of the area, be respectful of the ladies. These are people, and are to be treated like human beings as such. If you do not want to have anything to do with them, simply decline in a manner that is respectful, just like you would do with a real woman. Be sure to avoid fighting with them, as it could end badly and could ruin your vacation.


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