Some Guides For Travel To Brighton England

Are you preparing a trip to London? A interesting destination which is just far fifty miles from south of London, is England, a coastal city of Brighton. It is considered as a laid back and unpretentious city with unique restaurants and lively nightclubs. Besides, there are many beaty spots to enjoy there. This article will provide you the main attractions.

The Royal Pavilion – The Royal Pavilion is at the center of Brighton. It is a former farmhouse that was later developed into a retreat for King George IV when he was still Prince Regent. To the locals it is known as “Brighton Pavilion” or even just “The Pavilion”. On the edge of the Pavilion gardens is the Brighton Museum, both the museum and the pavilion itself cost a small fee to visit but they are a memorable part of any trip to the area. These beautiful structures are rich in history and worth seeing as you tour the town.

The Palace Pier – If you are a kid at heart, or if you are going to be taking kids with you, then you will definitely want to visit the Palace Pier when you are visiting Brighton.

The pier was built at the very last of the 19th century and is the last of its kind in the area. Three piers were originally built and had all sorts of arcades and amusements at one time, but this one is the last one standing. You will find many curio shops, places to eat, clubs and a small fair on the pier. It is one of the places you just have to visit and the view from the boardwalk is incredible. And you do not have to pay anything to see it or walk on it, but I can guarantee you will not be able to resist buying something!

The Lanes – The most prolific shopping area in Brighton is undoubtedly The Lanes.

The Lanes does not contain the sort of large chain businesses you would find in other parts of England (though there are some in the Churchill Square area of Brighton), but instead houses a variety of unique, independent stores that sell anything from jewelry to clothing to antiques. The Lanes is located in one of the oldest areas of Brighton, the town hall has all the information a tourist could need on the area and this makes it easier to find particular shops in the twisting and turning streets and alleys that make up The Lanes.

The Beach – It would not be right to mention the seaside city of Brighton and not mention the beach! While sand is not the main attraction here (pebbles make up most of the water’s edge), there are plenty of other events to enjoy – whether it is a laid back view of the water or a night out in one of the popular bars or nightclubs. A summer afternoon on the seashore is the perfect time to experience the Brighton Beach. There is always some activity to watch, whether it is a street performer, live music, or a free movie showing.

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