The Ultimate Guide for Car Lovers In Germany

Germany is the right country for those who love cars. It is a long-standing leader in the global automotive industry and has the fourth largest auto manufacturing market globally, just behind the United States and Japan. It takes vehicle manufacturing seriously. Many iconic brands are based within its borders. They love to show their craftsmanship in many delightful ways.

There are many experiences for tourists visiting Germany, whether you’re a serious enthusiast or a casual car fan. There are many unique tours and exquisite museums that showcase the automobiles of Germany. This country is perfect for motorheads.

These activities will highlight the great German automobile industry and are perfect for anyone planning an auto-themed vacation. You might find something that you don’t want to miss.

The Porsche Museum, Stuttgart

To showcase the brand’s history, the Porsche Museum opened its doors in 2009. It takes you on a chronological tour through all major releases, starting with the 356 “No. The brand’s original flagship car, the 1 Roadster, is the collection’s centerpiece. It continues with the concept of cars of tomorrow. Over 700 cars make up the entire collection, 200 of them being race cars.

The workshop is a highlight of the museum. Here, Porsche mechanics work on vehicles and repair them. Visitors can see the entire process behind a glass wall. Although Porsche is a well-known luxury brand, the museum has plenty to offer to delight even the most seasoned auto historian.

The Autobahn

The Bundesautobahn is shorthand for the German word “federal motorway”. It’s not a specific stretch of road or track but more like what you would call a freeway.

The thing that makes Germany’s autobahnen unique is that, except for sections that are under construction or urban, the posted speed limit of 130 km/hr is not a legal limit. It is a suggestion. This means that approximately 70% of the highways running through Germany can be driven as fast as you like. You can rent a sports car from one of Germany’s most famous brands for an hour or a day to see how it performs on Germany’s open roads.

Trabi Safari, Berlin

The Trabant is a German car that you might not be familiar with if you aren’t from Germany. These cars are commonly known as Trabi and were made by the former East German car manufacturer VEB Sachsenring between 1957 and 1990. The cars survived even though the company was closed down after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Trabi World, a Berlin-based company, uses a restored fleet to offer a unique urban tour called Trabi Safari. You and your group will be driving your Trabi through Berlin streets in a caravan with other tourists, led by your guide. You can hear the guide’s stories through the radio to get the same context as a traditional city tour. You’ll see Berlin’s highlights, such as Karl-Marx-Allee or the East Side Gallery.

Mercedes-Benz Museum, Stuttgart

It not only tells the story of Mercedes-Benz as a single car manufacturer but also, through its 160 vehicles and 1,500 exhibits, shows the story of the entire auto industry.

It boasts installations covering over 16,500 square meters on nine levels and is one of the most extensive auto museums in the world. You can download audio guides in eight languages that will guide you through the exhibits, giving you a better understanding of what’s on display.

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