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Everybody living in America U.S. wants to go to Europe. This has been the case for many years. However, for the millions of Americans struggling to earn even 10 days of holiday every year, traveling to Europe could feel as if it’s a wish. What if there was the possibility of feeling like you were …


Philosopher sparks outrage with essay about why people shouldn’t travel: ‘Very elitist’

The work of a philosopher is causing controversy after she explains why people should not travel. On the 24th of June, The New Yorker published an essay by philosopher Agnes Callard in which she laid out her reasons for not traveling. In her article, Callard claimed that, even though some may argue that traveling “lifts us into an enlightened state,” it …


Writing a travel article is part craft and part art.

Travel writing is a mix of reportage, part diary, and is also about providing information to travelers. Travel writers craft their work by employing a variety of techniques and styles. However, the most successful stories tend to have certain traits, including: 1) Straight writing style, with no the impression of A writer who is aware of the …


Places to enjoy autumn leaves in South Korea

Fall is an excellent time to travel to South Korea – promising pleasant and mild temperatures and seasonal treats like roasting chestnuts, hot springs, and hikes. The best part is the stunning landscape. With most of the mountainous terrain smothered with an undulating forest, The area is famous for its beautiful autumnal foliage. It also falls …


The most beautiful secret beaches in Europe

Take a trip to discover Europe’s hidden treasures. They offer tranquil stretches of sand with clear, crystal-clear water and a feeling of peace away from busy crowds. From the stunning beaches of Raudasandur in Iceland to the stunning Butterfly Valley in Turkey, we’ve uncovered seven undiscovered European shores that can ignite your wanderlust. Limeuil, Dordogne, …


Urban Wellness Resorts Emerge as Sanctuaries for Self-Care

The Tree Hugger A woodsy smell pervades the Douglas Sixth-floor reception area, offering guests an inviting forest bathing experience in Vancouver, British Columbia’s hotel, with a 188 rooms nature-themed boutique hotel with a view of False Creek and BC Place stadium. The hotel will reopen this spring; guests can take a break or relax in the park …


New Luxury Hotels Embracing Natural Beauty Worldwide

Exclusive yacht charters, beachside dining, and urban green spaces are some of our top events this year. Muir Hotel | Nova Scotia In the Queen’s Marque area located in the heart of Halifax, Muir‘s new harborside hotel, which has 109 rooms, gives its guests the treatment of a queen by offering excursions on a 36-foot boat and …