The stunning scenery of St. Martin Island alone is reason enough for us to consider taking our next flight home. From the crystal clear blue seas to the comfortable white sand beaches, you’ll surely have an island getaway worthy of what you have always wanted.

What sets St. Martin apart from other islands in the Caribbean is the fact that there are two distinct parts to the island: St. Martin, the French side, in addition to Sint Maarten, the Dutch Side. If you think that this is just another beach with gorgeous beaches, there are many more things to offer than just that.

In contrast, Sint Maarten is usually regarded for its casinos and nightlife, and St. Martin tends to be a destination for those seeking local markets or more expensive shopping. But don’t fret. There are two sides to the island that offer gorgeous beaches to spend the day lying around on. Overall, it makes the Caribbean Island the perfect getaway for travelers who wish to discover different cultures and get a “taste” of two entirely distinct vibes.

When you are making the journey from one end of the island towards the next, should we suggest visiting some of the top eateries located in Sint Maarten during your explorations? Perhaps you can make a drink using Guava berry liqueur and Rum, a well-known drink that is made by the Dutch side of Sint Maarten.

This is why we have compiled a guide to the best St. Martin restaurants for an exquisite dining experience.

La Perle Bleu Restaurant When you’re discussing La Perle Bleu, you should start with their unique menu of traditional French dishes that have been cleverly recreated with some twists. While they offer all three meals each day, we’d suggest making time for La Perle Bleu, a Sint Maarten restaurant, for dinner.

If you’re looking for something different, If you’re looking to start your meal with crispy snails that are flambeed in absinthe and forest emulsion, or their signature grilling lobster flambeed with herbal cream rum is the best choice. You can’t be disappointed when you try any of their menus, especially when served with an ice-cold glass (or four) of the wine collection.

The decor is beautiful and blue inside the restaurant’s dining area, and with the stunning views from Simpson Bay on the exterior, it’s hard not to be at ease in the warm, French-inspired ambiance they’ve thoughtfully designed.

Rainbow Cafe

The first thing to be aware of regarding Rainbow Cafe in Sint Maarten is the view is an integral part of what keeps fine diners to the restaurant.

Grand Water’s Edge is one of the most beautiful places on the island. the Sint Maarten restaurant is the perfect spot to make the most of the view. There is nothing more romantic than sitting on top of the roof and eating a selection of local dishes while listening to the most beautiful music while the sun sets. It’s safe to say that you aren’t going to want to let the evening end.

It’s a good thing that the people who own Rainbow Cafe must have felt the same way when they designed all three floors of the stylish bohemian-style property. You can then spend the entire day relaxing at the beach and drinks and food which go perfectly with it.

Breakfast starts on the roof while you enjoy watching boats glide by, concluding with a meal prepared by chef Alex Tuvenote, who is definitely worth a visit on its own. From tasting some of their favorite local dishes like the pineapple snapper ceviche taking a bite from their charcoal grill, or a pasta dish created by their love of Italian food, let’s say that they’ve hit the mark with this one.

La Cigale

If you’re looking to have a romantic candle-lit French dinner with one’s foot in the sand…then you’ll adore the ambiance of the La Cigale.

For more than 24 years, the hidden secret has been serving visitors delicious meals like seafood ravioli, lobster wahoo sushi, as well as roasted veal filet and duck Parmentier, all while dining in the shade of the palm trees in Nettle Bay Lagoon. One of the reasons that makes this restaurant one of the top dining options on St Maarten is the founder’s idea of combining French cuisine with Caribbean influences surrounding the restaurant.

The owner has managed to be in a position to preserve his authentic French heritage while accepting the beauty of the island. As a result, a captivating dining experience.

In addition, there’s the amazing service that awaits your guests as soon as you enter the door. It’s simply an excellent Sint Maarten restaurant that’s not to be overlooked.

Le Pressoir

The most enjoyable aspect of going to the St. Martin restaurant (other aside from the delicious food and the excellent service, of course) is knowing the story of how the restaurant we have today was created.

In the 1890s, the saltwater lake was drained and left behind salt crystals which were later exported to the world to be used as salt. The salt crystals were crushed and sold through Le Pressoir, or the “giant press.”

Today, we can enjoy the pleasure of visiting this lovely restaurant within a gorgeously renovated house that was built right across from it. Every exquisitely prepared food item is much better than the one before, and let’s say there are a lot of delicious dishes that you’ll need to make space for. The foie gras made with mango, coconut, pineapple, and papaya is a treat by itself.

Another thing that is not widely known regarding St. Martin is how impressive their array of French desserts are, and we can say that Le Pressoire does not disappoint in the area.

Mario Bistrot at The Cliff

The name suggests that Mario Bistrot, located at The Cliff, is a beautiful property that overlooks The Caribbean Ocean. The St. Martin Restaurant is the result of 20 years of passion, love, and innovation. The food speaks for itself.

Perhaps you’re fortunate enough to enjoy the experience of dining in the evening. In this case, we recommend ordering an amazing cocktail and enjoying some of their distinctive and mouthwatering menu items, such as their Thai crab croquettes as well as the braised hoisin duck tacos and Sweet onion-braised snapper and Mario’s famous duck.


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