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Origins of Christmas & Idea of Christmas

The Origin of Christmas- Get to know the origins of Christmas to have a clear idea of Christmas

Christmas is one of the well known festivals that are celebrated all over the world. It is celebrated to mark and commemorate the birth of Lord Jesus Christ. Also known as X Mass, it is one of the greatest events for the people of the Christian community and is celebrated all over the world. In addition to the Christians, people of all communities also take part in the celebrations. Christmas is held every year on the 25th of December. To have a better idea, let us know the origin of Christmas.

Origin of Christmas day

Christmas is marked with great fun and exuberance the world over. The event marks the start of the Winter Solstice in the northern hemisphere. The whole event lasts for a period of twelve days. The celebratory days begin from December 25 and lasts till Jan 5 or 6. If we have an idea of the origin of the event, we can see that on the 25th of December, Jesus was born and so it is a special day. As such, wide spread celebrations takes place on this day. As the clock strikes the mid night hour, people come out to the streets and pay their respects to Lord Jesus. The bells of churches ring and homage and prayers are offered.

The origin of Christmas is based on the biblical details that are inscribed in the Gospel of Matthew, and the Gospel of Luke. Christmas and the figure of Santa Claus are integral to each other. Santa is known as the Father of Christmas. His character was first recorded in the 15th century and is related to merry making spirit. The giving and sharing of gifts remind us of the three magi’s gifts to Jesus. Christmas Day was first celebrated in a proper way in the 4th century during the reign of Emperor Constantine. Since that period, the festival is being celebrated with great fanfare almost all over the world. Based on popular belief, the name “Christmas” was first taken from the Mass of Christ. One of the main ingredients of the event is the mass which thanks Jesus who gave his life for the human race.

Origin of the Christmas celebrations

Prayer services are an important part of Christmas Day which dates back to centuries. The celebrations start from the previous day, also referred to Christmas Eve and go on till the next day. After the prayers are over, people accept blessing from the priests and exchange greetings and wishes. Gifts and decorations also form a major part of the Christmas celebrations. Greetings and wishes are exchanged by friends and family members. In almost all Christian houses, children and young people make Christmas trees by decorating with lights, nativity scenes, holly leaves, red stocking and other things. Bells are erected on the doors and windows and chocolates are distributed among everybody.

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