Everybody living in America U.S. wants to go to Europe. This has been the case for many years. However, for the millions of Americans struggling to earn even 10 days of holiday every year, traveling to Europe could feel as if it’s a wish.

What if there was the possibility of feeling like you were living in Europe for a short weekend? You could reduce time and also money yet enjoy a memorable vacation.

If all of that sounds appealing to you, Let us introduce you to the gorgeous city of French-Canadian descent, Montreal.

The last time we looked it up, it covered all the things we might need in our European City Checklist:

  • Different language? Yes.
  • Architecture dating back to the 1600s? Yes.
  • Unique culture? Yes.
  • Rich history? Yes.
  • Local food? Yes.

Absolutely, it’s the closest thing to the feel of a European place located in North America. Therefore, without further delay, let’s look into the ways we’d like you to enjoy your time in the stunning city.

When is the best time to go to Montreal

The first thing to do is. Montreal is one of the cities that offers the most beautiful seasons, four of them with mild temperatures, and around 8 months in which you’re likely to be compelled to put on your winter coat for a little. If you’re not interested in winter or cold, we strongly suggest that you visit during the peak seasons of June, July, August, and June.

The shoulder seasons, which include April, May, September, and October, are frequently deemed to be the best time to travel due to few people, and there are more spots. However, we are of the opinion that the summertime in Montreal can’t be beat.

Notable Montreal Neighborhoods

There are many amazing neighborhoods and regions in Montreal to explore every one with its distinct style and character. Some of these neighborhoods include Old Montreal, Plateau-Mont-Royal, Quartier des Spectacles The Village, Little Italy, La Petite-Patrie, and Mile End.

Old Montreal: The city was built in the early 1600s. Old Montreal may be the most popular area of the city. However, it’s for a reason. It’s like stepping back in time when you stroll through the streets that are cobbled in the historic district, stopping by boutiques, art galleries and cozy cafes.

Plateau-Mont Royal: A trendy and vibrant neighborhood, The Plateau is a place that has a bohemian feel featuring trendy shops, a variety of restaurants, and gorgeous residential streets lined by colorful homes.

Quartier of Spectacles The heart of all the excitement in Montreal. You’ll find a variety of events, theaters, and entertainment venues which host performances, art shows, and shows throughout the year.

Mile End The Mile End neighborhood is a trendy, diverse neighborhood that is known for its art community, antique shops, numerous cafes as well as top-quality bagel restaurants. We’ll discuss two of the most well-known bagel establishments below.

The Village: The Village is a major part of Montreal’s LGBTQ and community. it’s an incredible area to enjoy drinks and then dance for a night of unforgettable entertainment.

Little Italy: A bustling neighborhood that exudes a lively atmosphere featuring charming roads surrounded with authentic trattorias, coffee houses and Delis. Enjoy delicious Italian food, take in the spirit of culture, and enjoy an inviting, warm environment.

La Petite-Patrie: The eclectic and artistic neighborhood has a laid-back feel with tree-lined streets, local shops, and cozy cafes. Take advantage of the vibrant energy, artistic flair, community spirit, and variety of the brewing and dining scene.


When you’re in Rome, take a stab at what Rome’s Romans do. In this case, it is eating poutine. And after you’ve arrived and tasted it, you’ll be able to understand the reason.This post is sponsored by our partners Wigs

Traditionally, poutine is comprised of french fries and gravy and cheese curds together in a hot and messy plate of ooey gooey delight. However, each restaurant will serve it differently, with their own recipe and toppings.

The most well-known of these restaurants is La Banquise. the famous poutine spot that is open 24 hours a day, offering a variety of imaginative toppings, ideal for those craving something sweet late at night. However, it’s often debated as to what is the best restaurant in the city, and every person has their own preference.


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