Best Things To Do In Columbus, Ga

Georgia’s second-largest metropolis, Columbus, is often overlooked but has so much to offer. It is home to many museums and parks, as well as attractive industrial architecture and interesting historical sights. The city is also known for its Southern hospitality and small-town feel.

It is located on the Chattahoochee’s east bank and lies across the languid waters of Phenix City, Alabama. It was once a major textile manufacturing hub. There are many historic districts and buildings that have been preserved. You can also explore important cultural landmarks and Civil War memorials scattered around.

Although Columbus’ vibrant arts scene is a must-see, the Georgian city has beautiful scenery. The Riverwalk is just one example.

Oxbow Meadows

The idyllic Oxbow Meadows is a peaceful, picturesque spot to visit. It can be found only a short distance from the city centre. It is home to the Environmental Learning Center, which offers a variety of beautiful nature trails and pristine wetlands for visitors to explore. There are also many interactive activities and wildlife exhibits. It is located on the Columbus State University campus, and it borders the Chattahoochee river with many beautiful ponds. You can also learn all about the local fauna, flora, and attend talks in the auditorium. There are many cool creatures on display, including snakes, alligators, fish, tortoises, and turtles.

Columbus Historic District

The charming Columbus Historic District is full of beautiful old buildings and boulevards. It’s a delight to wander around. It is predominantly residential, but it also contains a few shops, cafes, and churches within its twenty-block boundaries. The quiet, charming neighborhood was designated a historic district on September 1, 1969. It is home to hundreds of houses that date back centuries. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful Georgian, Greek Revival, and Late Victorian architecture. They also have the opportunity to stop by the 1879 Confederate War Memorial and marvel at its unique Octagon-era house. You can stroll through the historic district and take in the sights, as both the Columbus Riverwalk and the Coca-Cola Space Science Center are located along the west side.

FD Roosevelt State Park

The amazing FD Roosevelt State Park, located approximately 45 minutes northeast of town is well worth the drive. It is part of the Pine Mountain Ridge and offers vast areas of pine and hardwood forests where you can bike and hike. There are also creeks, waterfalls, and a few historic structures scattered throughout. It is the largest state park in Georgia and named after FDR, the former president who sought treatment in Warm Springs for paralytic illness. Apart from the life-size statue, FDR can be viewed alongside Roosevelt’s favourite picnic spot and viewpoint. There are also cottages and a swimming area built by Civilian Conservation Corps.


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