Indulge in Sunset Yoga and Kid-Friendly Spa Treatments

Kimpton integrates sounds, scents, and connections to culture into its resorts geared toward wellness.

Wellness is a complex term to define. For today’s travelers, it may refer to exercises and therapies that help improve their health or the pursuit of well-being for the mind. Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants takes an integrated approach to guests’ well-being by providing careful consideration of the most minor details. Daily social events encourage interaction, and giving forgotten items, such as chargers for mobile phones, can help ease stress. Locally-sourced artwork and carefully planned running routes allow guests to get lost in the place and leave the snares of everyday life to be left behind.

“Kimpton does an amazing job of bringing wellness into its properties,” says Virtuoso’s travel advisor Alexis Sherry. Two examples: Spas with a cultural connection and experiences for the whole family are at the forefront of well-being at Grand Cayman‘s recently opened Kimpton Seafire Resort & Spa and Thailand‘s newly opened Kimpton MaaLai Bangkok.

Enjoy the sights and scents along with the sound of the Caribbean.

IHG – InterContinental Hotels Group Caribbean Calm

“Guests are treated like rock stars” at the 266-room Kimpton Seafire Resort & Spa located on Grand Cayman’s Seven Mile Beach, according to Virtuoso’s advisor Robert Merlin. The hotel’s beachfront location can go a long way to relaxing stress and offering the opportunity to relax with color through the turquoise waters and lush landscape. The fitness activities include yoga classes daily, typically at sunset or on a kayak, exercise classes at the beach or in outdoor boxes, and cardio dancing in the grass.

Relaxation is encouraged at The Spa at Seafire. “Blue mosaics and sea colors give the spa a Caribbean vibe,” says Virtuoso’s consultant Helen Papa, who appreciates how treatments reflect the island lifestyle. You can choose from coffee scrubs, coconut facials, wraps infused with citrus, jasmine, and gardenia, and massages that evoke the swinging motion in the hammock. “It’s a casually elegant, very ‘island’ spa,” she explains.

“Our wellness goal is to facilitate a mind-body connection,” the spa’s director Tricia Bannister. She emphasizes the weighted-down blankets used for Biodynamic hot oil wraps, Cayman herbal compresses, and massages to induce sleep. Couples-to-couple manicures and Champagne for two give the romance, and an assortment of prenatal treatments will soothe babies. Experiences solely for you, such as sound meditation, can increase mindfulness awareness.

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The Spa at Seafire includes the only Cayman Islands hammam.

IHG – InterContinental Hotels GroupThe hammam’s compound treatments include island elements that combine a volcanic-ash exfoliation, marine-silt, mineral-rich, and a full-body massage. In the spa’s outdoor and indoor gardens, guests can enjoy a dip in warm pools surrounded by palms, lush lawns, and the soothing sound of a waterfall.

The spa hosts an annual wellness event alongside the day-to-day activities – a yearly Cayman Islands highlight. Activities include beachfront yoga, sunset horseback rides, health-conscious food tastings, sound healing gatherings with kombucha-making classes, and therapeutic sessions that have pets, plants, and even painting. “The activities are fabulous and spread throughout the property,” Sherry says. Sherry.

The Kimpton is a place where nature-inspired designs are featured. Maa-Lai Bangkok.

IHG – InterContinental Hotels GroupWhere Wine Counts as Wellness

The first Kimpton property in South Asia, the Kimpton Maa-Lai Bangkok, is a pillar of the laminated Thai principle, meaning every day should be viewed as artwork. This creative spirit is evident in the resort’s 362-room urban oasis next to Lumpini Park. The painting incorporates nature into organic forms and materials throughout the hotel. An eating hall is one of the four dining options hosting cooking classes and pop-up kitchens.

“We believe wellness is more than just exercise and detox,” the spa’s Director, Kanatcha Buntongkaew. She offers a holistic way to nourish body, mind, and soul during their experience in the city, “whether it’s a massage, a yoga class, a bike ride, a moment of silence, a deep breath, or even a big glass of wine.” The multisensory approach to health and wellness offered at Amaranth Spa by Harnn starts with a refreshing herbal drink, relaxing music, and a chance to sit in a tranquil room scented by five fragrant oils before treatments begin.

Take your children to the session: Treatments for kids of 4 and above can range from a relaxing massage with samba beats or an end-of-massage ritual with yoga postures named after animals. “We take a traditional wellness approach and make it more fun,” says Buntongkaew. Beyond the treatment spaces, the gymnasium features high ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows, climbing walls, and an infinity pool on the third floor that overlooks Lumpini Park’s forest.

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Relax in cool air, and admire the beautiful architecture designed to relax in Kimpton Maa Lai Bangkok.

IHG – InterContinental Hotels GroupIts Kimpton Maa-Lai Bangkok celebrates Thai tradition throughout the hotel, including tapestries, street-food-inspired meals, and martial arts classes in the fitness center. It is a great place to get Lumpini Fighting massages – inspired by the martial arts movements of Muay Thai boxers – therapists apply elbows, knees, fingers, and knuckles on pressure points to increase circulation and ease muscle pain. “When we reward ourselves with feeling good, we can be our true self,” Buntongkaew states. “And when we are kind to ourselves, we also share that heartfelt compassion with others.”


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