England’s most iconic music destinations

England is home to many of the most famous groups and performers around the globe. There are the Beatles, Oasis, and Amy Winehouse. They are just some names you will most likely see in playlists called “Classics” around the globe. Have you ever thought about what the cities which inspired their music or their videos looked like? Join us for an adventure through three of the most famous essential towns in music history: Liverpool, London, and Manchester.

Liverpool is the place where The Beatles were born. The Beatles

Visit Liverpool’s Cavern Club, where the Beatles were first discovered, to see an act playing covers of old-fashioned tunes.

Are you able to discuss musical destinations without also mentioning Liverpool as well as The Beatles? Most likely not. Being one of the most renowned rock groups around the globe, The Fab Four from Liverpool hold the most revered place, not only in our hearts but also in the music landscape. If you’re located in Liverpool, and you’re there, remember to pay for the opportunity to visit the Beatles Story experience, but did you know that you can also go to the locations that inspired their most famous songs? Start your journey from Penny Lane, an actual street in The Mossley Hill suburb of Liverpool, which inspired the iconic song by The Beatles. The trip will continue through The Cavern Club was the first establishment home to The Beatles and the place their manager, Brian Epstein, found them and helped make them famous worldwide. The final stop on your excursion by visiting Strawberry Fields. Strawberry Fields was the name given to the Salvation Army children’s home in close proximity to John Lennon’s parents’ residence. It was dear in his heart, and his aunt would talk about his joy at participating in the annual celebration, which was held on its grounds.

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London A musical backdrop

Go to Abbey Road to recreate the Beatle’s iconic album cover featuring a zebra crossing.

It is only possible to stroll around London by stumbling upon an area that inspired an album, a film, or a book poem. If you go on the hidden London walk, it is possible to uncover even more hidden treasures and completely take into London. London experience. For the moment, let’s spice your experience in the capital city of England and stay with the places that served as the backdrop for some of the most famous album covers and videos. Of course, the first item on this list would be Abbey Road, The Beatles album cover, which inspired long-lasting speculation that one of the band members died due to being wearing barefoot on the body. We don’t suggest you walk around barefoot in London, but it’s an area worth visiting. Another famous location you shouldn’t overlook can be on Berwick Street, which is the place on the album’s cover ‘(What’s the Story?) Morning Glory?’ by Oasis. If you’ve got the album on your person, it is possible to locate the exact spot where the photo was taken.

After you’ve completed all of the above, you can begin searching for the actual places of the music video scattered throughout London. With the wide range of bands and artists who have chosen London to host their studios and studio, visiting the city seems like a musical adventure. We begin from Hoxton Street, the location that inspired The Verve’s four minutes 35 seconds walk in the “Bitter Sweet Symphony” music video. It’s not advisable to bump into pedestrians walking on the street, which Richard Ashcroft, the lead singer, did.

If you’re a rap lover, We’ve got you covered. Stormzy is a British artist and singer who also recorded in London. In his hit song, Vossi Bop, he recorded in Westminster Bridge and outside the Bank of England. Last but not least, but certainly not least, is Amy Winehouse. A well-deserved spot in VH1’s list for the Top 100 Greatest Women in Music, Amy Winehouse was a Londoner all through. She displayed her love for London by making the music video for her hit song ‘Back to Black” in Stoke Newington – an iconic residential area in the indie scene that you shouldn’t skip when visiting London.

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Manchester is home to Indie Rock.

Salford Lads’ Club is where the Smiths album cover was shot. (Image source: Leslie Holmes, Salfords Lads’ and Girls’ Club)

Returning in the direction of North West, we stop at Manchester. Explore this city at leisure by going on an independent search and then update your playlist with every Indie rock you could imagine. Why? Because the group that is cut was likely born in Manchester. Oasis, The Stone Roses, The Smiths, The Verve, Joy Division – all were once Manchester, the home of their band. They all supported Manchester United during the game season. If you think about it, you shouldn’t be astonished to visit the places that have inspired the band. For example, Salford Lads Club, similar to Strawberry Fields for The Beatles, inspired The Smiths to write the song with the same title, record two music videos, and take the album’s cover image at the front of the structure.

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