How to spend a perfect summer weekend in the Catskills

Just a few months since The WeekEnder launched three years ago, we went to Greene County in the Great Northern Catskills, where we introduced you to charming towns such as Catskill and Hunter. The small portion of Catskills has grown tremendously over the past few years due to the increasing number of excellent hotels, trendy boutiques, and a thriving culture.

A new participant is joining the ranks: Catskill Mountain Shakespeare, who host Hunter Under the Stars performances. This season’s production is a re-imagined “As You Like It,” featuring actors on banjo and drums as well as upright bass, covering contemporary songs ranging from The Cure to David Bowie. Frank Wildermann is the managing director, as is his entire family, who has been holidaying in the region for many generations. He can summarize what he enjoys about the area: “It’s a great place to commune with nature and immerse yourself in the beauty and spaciousness of the Catskills.”


This natural beauty, vibrant scene, and community attracted Pim Zeegers and his partner, Gertjan Meijer. The couple hails from Holland. The couple stayed for a while in NYC, after which they decided to search for an apartment for the weekend by drawing an approximate two-hour circular route around NYC. The city of Catskill is the best fit. “Catskill has a nice mix of people, and the location is great–it feels like it’s 20 minutes to anywhere around here,” Zeegers says. Zeegers.

In 2012, amid the outbreak, Zeegers and Meijer opened Citiot the Citiot café, a boutique, co-working studio, and an event space featuring poetry readings and live music. It quickly became an important gathering place for visitors and locals alike. The shop’s name, Citiot, is the local dialect for “city idiots”–a funny nickname Zeegers and Meijer have embraced. Still, they’re far from it in their commitment to local creatives, artisans, and makers.

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Shirley Lim and Tommy Lam are both NYC transplants. However, when they relocated to the area, they were dissatisfied with the lack of ethnic foods in local supermarkets. They decided to take things into their own hands and launched Enoki, named for a Japanese mushroom. It is also stocked with East Asian pantry staples that are a reflection of their own Korean as well as Chinese roots. “All of our neighbors, locals, and visitors from near and far have been so kind and have vocalized numerous times how much our existence and addition to the town was needed and appreciated,” Lam says. Lam.

It doesn’t matter if you’re new and looking for a break or Catskills regular; there’s plenty to learn about Catskill or 

For Instagrammers: Scribner’s Catskill Lodge in Hunter

This ski lodge has many photo opportunities, such as the sauna with a barrel with a view of the meadow’s rolling hills and the cozy library Prospect restaurant with its bar built of wood and marble. “There’s also an amazing swimming pool,” Wildermann adds. Wildermann. “It’s located on an uphill and overlooks the valley. It’s a stunning view.”

For design buffs: Piaule in Catskill

Marvel at the architecture – all modern, angular cabins and buildings that hover above the surface. These clean lines lead to ceiling-to-floor windows, which allow you to enjoy the beautiful surrounding. “It’s a beautiful landscape hotel, and the interior is very welcoming and warm,” Lam adds. Lam.

For those who like camping: Treetopia Campground in Catskill

Suppose you’ve ever thought of sleeping in an Airstream and looking to make your dreams of an RV a reality with this. If there’s a camper-loving companion, You can opt for camping tents with canvas ceilings and a mattress.

Piaule (L), Camptown Catskills (R)

To find excellent lodges in Camptown Catskills in Leeds

It is situated near the foot of the Catskill Mountains. The brand-new property has acquired the former motor lodge and has kept the old-fashioned feel. “It’s a hipster spot where you can rent little cabins,” Zeegers says. Zeegers. The in-house Restaurant of Latin America, Casa Susana, has impressive culinary skills.

For those who love adventure: Hunter Lodge, A Bluebird by Lark in Hunter

It’s an ideal base for anyone who wants to take a hike. The hotel is easily accessible to mountain bike trails, hiking trails, and the most impressive waterfall that cascades in the entire state, Kaaterskill Falls. After an exhausting day, relax in a cozy room decorated with a high mountain lodge.

Family-friendly: Wolff’s Maple Breeze Resort, located in Catskill

The All-inclusive Resort is the perfect spot to keep kids entertained while on vacation with your family. Grownups can take advantage of amenities such as tennis courts, bocce courts, and a driving course.

Where to eat

Farm-to-table is the game in these parts.

Breakfasts with the best breakfasts

Fellow Mountain Cafe

Willa’s in Catskill is A local breakfast joint where you want to pay attention to their maple-flavored lattes (served cold or hot), buttery pastries, and much more. “It’s a ritual to bring my family,” Lam says. Lam. “We always order the breakfast burrito.”

“Gracie’s Luncheonette,” located in Leeds, is a fantastic food truck turned restaurant offering wild donut flavors that vary monthly. The current menu is focused on the Pina Colada (pineapple rum glaze garnished with shredded coconut and coconut buttercream that is fluffy as well as pineapple chunks, with the cherry over the top) along with it’s the Fruity Cereal (Fruity Pebbles with a cereal milk glaze).

Fellow Mountain Cafe in Hunter The 1913 Queen Anne building was a secret club known as The Independent Order of Odd Fellows. It’s now a popular breakfast restaurant with old-fashioned features like an old Acorn stove. Wildermann loves the coffee and egg sandwiches.


J&J Smokehouse in Catskill The Catskills-based chefs have drawn influences from around the world to develop their unique take on traditional BBQ. Locating in this cramped area can be challenging, so you can grab an order of ribs that melt in your mouth or pulled pork burgers.

A&J Texas Weiners in Catskill Although the name implies you’ll be eating hot dogs here, the straightforward place has a vast menu offering everything from tuna melt to a Monte Cristo panini.

Circle W in Palenville, a historical grocery store dating to 1908, Has some of the best county sandwiches, including the Kaaterskill filled with Black Forest Ham, cheddar, and fruit Chutney.

Global flavors

Pancho Villa’s

Angel’s Latin Restaurant, located in Catskill, needs to be more impressive. The restaurant serves ample portions of Dominican dishes such as shrimp mofongo. Take advantage of the delicious desserts: tres cakes, leches, flan the coconut flan rice pudding, corn pudding, and so on.

Pancho Villa in Tannersville The place is in Tannersville. “It’s very vibrant inside. They have great chips and Guac, and they’re always bouncing every time we’ve been there,” Wildermann adds. Wildermann. Also: “The owners are beneficial.

Atelier Ku-Ki in Catskill, Just close to Enoki, is a new farm-to-table bento box café available on Friday and Saturday. “The couple who owns it are talented, and the bento boxes change weekly,” Lam adds. Lam.

New Century Chinese Restaurant in Catskill Lam’s favorite place to eat Chinese food. “I usually judge a restaurant by their Singapore mei fun, and they make a version that’s identical to what my parents make,” Lam says. Lam.

Small bites to eat

Mama’s Boy Burgers

Jagerberg Beer Hall and Alpine Tavern, located in Hunter, A German-style hangout with delicious pretzels and beer. The downstairs bar is casual, with an upstairs that is an elegant (or formal) dining area. “Up here, fine dining isn’t a thing; even at more formal places, you can go in jeans,” Wildermann says. Wildermann.

Mama’s Boys Burgers in Tannersville Serves great diner food (burgers, hot dogs, burgers) made locally. “It’s all outdoor seating–perfect for summer evenings,” says Wildermann. “It’s awesome fast food without the fast-food quality.”

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