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list destinations you should go to before you die

Everyone has a bucket list that lists places we’d like to visit before passing away. Human life is, however, too short for most of us to check every item off the list. Most people aren’t brave enough to leave their job and travel around the globe to finish their bucket list. The world is stunning with endless images and life-changing experiences waiting for the brave to find these amazing places. Some of these destinations are famous, some aren’t, but they all share a unique spot on my bucket list. In addition, I hope that this article will encourage you to go on a trip more often and explore certain places. Let’s get started on this ultimate bucket-list of travel destinations!

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  1. Trek to Machu Picchu, Peru

If it’s not enough, how the Incas be able to put these stones so seamlessly They also managed to do it at a height of 2400 metres above the ground. Although it was constructed around 15th century and even though the Spanish invasion occurred around the time of its 16th century, Machu Picchu wasn’t not known for people in the Western world until 1911. Nowadays, trekking to Machu Picchu is at the top of many travelers wish lists and there’s a good reason. And if hiking up to Machu Picchu isn’t adventurous enough, head to the southeast 400 km and find the highest city in the world- La Rinconada.

2. Swim in Devil’s Pool, Zambia

Victoria Falls Victoria Falls are considered among Seven natural wonders in the world and is certainly among the most breathtaking locations in Africa. The lake is located just at the bottom of the waterfall, and is considered an amazing natural phenomenon that is one among seven in the world.

3. Boarding at Cerro Negro, an active volcano in Nicaragua

Cerro Negro is one of the active volcanoes in Nicaragua that has turned into an attractive tourist spot over the time. Adventurers typically climb to the summit and board by riding or surfing on the wooden sledge. It’s an incredible rush of adrenaline to go down at 40 miles an hour from 2350 feet up in the air. If you think that’s not enough, keep in mind there’s a volcano active behind you.

4. Pink springtime in Japan

The springs of Japan appear stunning. There are many stunning places to visit but none like Japan’s springs. From March to May, it’s a time of the famous “Sakura” – the traditional word for the season of cherry blossoms. This is the time of year that Japan appears as if it’s from an anime film.

5. Take advantage of the vibrant colors of the northern lights

The natural phenomenon is caused by the collisions between electrically charged particles that come out of the Sun and settling into the atmosphere. A few people have the opportunity to witness the stunning colors of the Northern lights that are moving over Antarctica Circle. Antarctica Circle. The amazing sight is evidence of the most powerful magician out in the world: Mother Nature!

6. Dip in the Blue Lagoon, Iceland

While you’ll find different opinions about it, my top bucket list of travel destinations wouldn’t be complete without including this incredible area located in Iceland. It is known as the Blue Lagoon is a geothermal spa situated in an volcanic field! 70% of the water comes from the ocean, while 30% is freshwater. The water’s temperature is approximately 38 degC. If you’re wondering why the stunning hue is because of blue-green algae and minerals.

7. Take a trip through Brazil’s Amazon forest in Brazil

The jungle is 2.3 million sq km. it’s that big it’s an entire ecosystem on its own and includes the diversity of its species. It is without doubt that the Amazon jungle is a true wonder of the world and walking through it is an exciting and life-changing experience that ranks on my bucket list of travel experiences.

8. Hike in Patagonia, Chile

After reading the book by Bruce Chatwin, there’s been no time that hasn’t been a thought to get amazed by the massive glaciers that engulf mountains and the crystal-clear lake of Patagonia. At the outskirts of the globe, Patagonia covers an area of 400,000 unexplored square miles. Are you planning to go to this stunning region shortly? Look over this extensive Patagonia schedule for helpful information before your trip.

9. Serengeti Great Migration, Tanzania

Tanzania is most well-known for its stunning beach of Zanzibar however, it’s not the only thing worth a visit here. Serengeti is a geographical area that is located to the north of Northern Tanzania. The principal actors in Serengeti’s Great Serengeti Migration are 1.5 million wildebeest and 200 000 zebras, who migrate each year to find fresh water and fertile fields. The migration is a continuous process that spans 150,000 miles of plains, open plains and woodlands.

10. Hot balloon flight Cappadocia

The cinematic image of hundreds of hot air balloons dissolving into the sunset pink of Cappadocia has been on high on many travellers bucket lists due to an reason. The breathtaking scenery and valleys dotted with stone buildings, beautiful cave hotels and quaint vineyards is an unforgettable experience. However, if you believe the region is just a place for the hot air balloon and caves you’re mistaken. This Cappadocia information guide will provide you with many useful tips.

11. The Grand Canyon

It’s an extremely popular option and lots of people refer to it in this way However, it is the Grand Canyon in is a natural wonder of the world with a purpose. This is because the Grand Canyon might seem like an enormous hole in the desert but there’s another way that makes it beautiful, thanks to its jagged edges and sultry crevices that appear to be hidden away the largest secrets of our planet. The ultimate dream of every adventurer isn’t it?

12. Petra the city that was lost

Petra is an old abandoned city with an important position at the crossroads of Egypt and Phoenecia, Arabian Peninsula, and Phoenecia. Petra is created inside an ancient rock. The first thing I thought of when I first saw pictures from the site was: “This area looks like it’s from the film Indiana Jones movie. It did!


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