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Must Haves In Tactical Pants For A Comfortable Hiking Experience

Clothing is now not limited to having a pair of jeans that one can wear on all occasions. It depends on your profession, personality, and everyday lifestyle. Imagine yourself wearing a sports t-shirt on a wedding day!! It’s really weird and frightening. Much of our wearables depend upon the work we do. Like you will find corporate workers in well-fitted suits, while industry workers in tactical clothing. 

If you are in a security or law enforcement industry, a hiker or an adventurer, or much of your work involves hard-core duty, then tactical pants, vests, shirts and other garments are the necessities. They give you the comfort to work effectively in tough situations. That’s why tactical pants are mandatory for police personnel and military men. Moreover, technicians working in heavy industry like construction work, transportation, also prefer tactical clothing. But deciding tactical pants as per your job is a tough decision, so we bring you some tips on how to buy the best and cheap tactical pants for your work.

Must Haves In Tactical Pants

Lightweight and Durable: Tactical clothing is required when working in extreme environments and thus a heavy sack of clothing piece hanging on our legs is the first thing to eliminate. One should buy tactical pants that are lightweight and strong. The most important thing that decides it is the fabric. Thus consider pants made of

  • Polyester
  • Nylon
  • Teflon

These fabrics are lightweight, water-resistant and not prone to shrinking. Their wrinkle-free property and excellent breathability make them a perfect choice for hikers. Many online stores and distributors offer high-quality tactical pants at discounted prices. So, if you are planning a travel budget, then you can shop online at save money.

Stretchable At Key Areas: Stretching is the essential factor to look upon when you choose tactical clothing, and it varies in vests and pants. When buying a tactical vest stretching should be on the upper side and at the back portion for vertical movement. 

If you are looking for bracelet. There’s something to suit every look, from body-hugging to structured, from cuffs to chain chain bracelet and cuffs.

While for free and unrestricted movement, pants should have stretch panel all across the area between belt and thighs (the whole crotch). Stretching is also recommended at the rear yoke of the pant. So, whether you are climbing the mountain or working on your garage, stretchable tactical pants give your body area to work freely. Many famous brands have come with new STS (Stretch Tech System) that makes the pants look cool & fashionable without compromising the functionality.

More and More Pockets: More the number of pockets, the more items you can carry. Extremely useful for travellers, climbers, hikers, mechanics and individuals who work on high-heights. Tactical pants should have pockets with D-ring, reinforced internal panels for knees, knives and clips, dual magazine pockets and slip pockets for mobiles. Moreover, when buying the tactical pants, one should check the size of the pockets so that they fit the gears and survival tools easily. The pockets should not cause any interference while drawing tools. 

With external pockets, tactical pants with wide-size internal pockets are highly preferred. These pockets help to stock first-aid kids, mags and many crucial tools. 

Quality Stitching: Stitching is always the top priority when buying tactical pants. Reinforced stitching at typical stress areas ensures durability. Heel areas should have double fabric; the pockets should have double stitching as they hold many items and attention should be given to areas where waistband attached to the other part of the pant. As the waistband holds gun holsters, belts, badges, it should be stitched with high-quality thread.

Waterproof, wind-proof, easy to clean stains, are some of the other factors to look upon when buying the tactical pants. The best decision starts with the type of work. Environment considerations should be considered first if you are shopping for hiking tactical pants, pockets and breathability are the priorities when looking for industrial work. Durability, stretchability, fabric are the key features you need for perfect tactical pants. So, shop for your next pants with by considering these parameters and get ready for an exciting trip.


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