Packing for Adventure Travel

If you are a neophyte to adventure travel, you might be wondering what you should bring with you on your trip. Usually, what you pack for adventure travel will depend on the type of adventure travel you are engaging in. Nevertheless, in addition to your personal hygiene necessities, there are a few things that are essential when packing for adventure travel.

Before you begin packing for adventure travel, you might want to jot down a quick checklist of everything you will need. If you create a checklist, you can mark off things as you pack them and will not wonder later on if you actually packed the item. Additionally, you can create a side list of the items you might be required to purchase for your trip in the event that you don’t have everything on hand. Therefore, a checklist can minimize the amount of time and frustration you spend packing for adventure travel. While you are packing for adventure travel you should keep in mind that you should pack as little as possible; especially if you are engaging in adventure travel that entails a lot of hiking. You very well may be carrying most of your things with you and you don’t want to have an entire load of luggage that requires an entourage of people to escort you! Conversely, pack only what you will need to enjoy your trip.

When packing for adventure travel, you should make sure that in addition to your personal hygiene products you bring along some sunscreen and bug spray—especially if you will be outdoors a lot. In such a case, you will also want to bring along some kind of hat to wear to protect your scalp and a pair of sunglasses. Before you begin packing your clothes, you may want to speak to your adventure tour operator; especially if traveling abroad. Different countries have varying customs on appropriate dress and you will want to try to stick to the customs of whatever country you visit. Therefore, getting advice from your adventure travel guide for what clothes you should bring is a good idea. You should also pack any and all equipment that you will be required to use on the trip. For example, if you will be camping, you will probably be required to bring along your sleeping bag and any other camping equipment. Likewise, if you are hiking, you might be required to have the correct hiking wear. Again, be sure to speak to your adventure travel operator to determine what it is you will be required to bring with you.

Don’t forget to pack your camera. In fact, in terms of cameras, you might want to consider bringing a digital camera with you on your trip. When you bring a digital camera you will not have to worry about carting around extra rolls of film. Further, you will not have to wonder if your pictures came out, because with a digital camera you know instantly whether or not the picture is good. Conversely, if you do elect to bring a digital camera along on your trip, make sure that it has enough memory to store as many pictures as you would like and that you have enough batteries to keep it working. Alternatively, if you do bring along a different type of camera, be sure to bring extra film. Further, make sure that you bring along any additional pieces that the camera requires to work adequately. In fact, if you purchase a camera bag you can store all of your film and camera parts in one location for easy access and carrying.

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