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Things I wish you know before traveling to Vietnam

A trip to another country with an entirely different culture can be an extremely difficult, yet satisfying experience. This kind of journey can teach you essential life lessons as well as broaden your horizons. However, it could also be a stressful experience, particularly if you meet scammers or get into another type of problem. Vietnam is different from its neighbors within Southeast Asia and there are certain things you need to know prior to visiting Vietnam. It’s not as touristy and there aren’t a lot of tourist-friendly beaches and the majority of the people do not speak English. So, you need to be mentally prepared prior to your visit to fully experience Vietnamese culture and get the most of your vacation. Here are some of the things I wish I had known prior to traveling to Vietnam.

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Things to be aware of prior to visiting Vietnam The world is a millionaire!:

There are surely numerous lost souls who have visited Vietnam trying to understand the absurdly high conversion rates in this country. As of now 1 EUR is 26,716 Dong and 1 USD equals 22,714 dong. That means that 100 dollars are worth over 2.2 millions Dong and it’s reasonable to believe that everyone living in Vietnam are worth more than one million Dong.

The best part is that coins were abolished in the year 2011. The downside is that it’s easy to confuse the coins, which include the 500,000 Dong bill with the 50, 000 Dong bill. The same is true for that 100,000 Dong bill as well as those with the $10,000 Dong bill. The general rule is to attempt to remember bills according to color however, the 500,000 bill along with the bills of 20,000 both have similar shades of blue. It’s a good thing, but you’ll have to be careful with this.

The cost to everything you purchase is… the amount you are willing to pay

One of the most important things you should be aware of before going to Vietnam is to expect vendors (especially the street vendors) to increase their prices in order to take more money from you. If you’re from the Western part of the hemisphere, the reality is that lots of people are trying to take as much cash from you as possible.

It’s possible to feel like a shopper! It’s not easy to comprehend this however, they’re not trying to take advantage of you. Vietnamese believe that Western nations are the ones to blame for all their issues and that they “owe” them.

Therefore, they’ll try to make it appear as if you accepted a better cost, or give you less change and so on. They expect us to spend our money when we visit when we go out, and if you try to negotiate, they will get annoyed and treat you poorly.

Don’t book anything online in Vietnam

Do not make any travel arrangements and be cautious about the visa agent. There are many frauds in the market. There are lots of companies using the names of major companies because there doesn’t seem to be any regulations regarding protection of trademarks within Vietnam.

For a return to the subject If you make a booking for an excursion online, you may be paying a greater price than you’d pay for arranging everything in person.

A different option is obviously, making reservations for your flight. If you’re in search of low-cost flights to Vietnam take advantage of the Qatar Airways coupon to save 20% on every flight that goes to Vietnam.

Be ready for weather

It is important to note that the South as well as the North have a distinct climate which makes travel to Vietnam challenging. The weather in Northern Vietnam, the dry season runs from April through October, the dry season in South as well as Central Vietnam, the dry season is between December and April.

Therefore, you must be prepared to travel in both seasons. In addition, Hanoi has four seasons, which include the humid and cold winter months that begin in November, and ending in January, as well as hot and humid summers. Ho Chi Minh, on contrary is home to only two seasons which include a dry and hot season, and a monsoon time that is humid all year long.

Shop outside tourist districts

Avoid the bars, restaurants and souvenir stores in The French Quarter in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Move away from the areas around the main tourist destinations and you’ll find the top places to eat authentic food, and, most important of all local prices.

There are also the traditional clothing and some of the most memorable souvenirs at less expensive costs. The people living in these regions aren’t used to visitors and you may be met with some snarky glances, but you’ll save money and enjoy a greater experience that is authentic.

If you’re looking for more information for shopping, we’ve got you covered. entire articles specifically devoted to useful information on buying for clothes in Vietnam.

The act of crossing the street is an art form in Vietnam

Motorbikes are commonplace across Asia However, Vietnam is taking motorbike traffic to an entirely another level. For instance, in Hanoi as well as Ho Chi Minh City the traffic can be so chaotic that walking across the street could be the most stressful portion of the day.

The general rule is to be patient at a spot that appears like it’s supposed to be crossing point. It is then time to say a prayer to God and then gather your strength and then go for it. If you’re still not able to do it, wait for a few people who live nearby to take the road to follow. They’ll be aware of what they’re doing.

While traveling to Vietnam you should avoid the major cities

I adore Hanoi I love Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) and have had the pleasure of meeting many fellow travelers in the area. The sad thing is the majority of travelers concentrate exclusively on Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi while are missing many wonderful genuine Vietnamese cities. Such as Hoi An and its gorgeous Old Town, Sapa, Danat and many more.

My fondest experiences (and many of my most popular Instagram postings) during my Vietnam travels were of these tiny towns. If you can choose to spend more time there, do so in Northern Vietnam, as this region is not as developed, and therefore has greater authenticity.

There are plenty of mountains and caves, canyons, and remote villages. Every turn here offers a stunning view and a fascinating tale to share. For more information about things to do during a vacation in Vietnam look up my article on the hidden treasures of Vietnam.

Motorbikes are the way to go

You can rent the bike needed to travel to Hanoi towards Ha Long Bay and the adjacent bays or purchase a motorbike to travel across the country motorbikes are a great and cheapest means of transport for travelers in Vietnam. If you’re interested in purchasing motorbikes, you can do it at one of the larger cities, and if there are more dealers you are able to purchase motorbikes as low than $200 dollars.

However, that’s not the most exciting part! If you take my advice you could buy the bike from Hanoi and take it around all over the nation. If you don’t completely destroy the bike, you’ll be in a position to sell it at about the same amount at Ho Chi Minh. It’s a good thing that you’ve rented a bicycle for (almost) no cost.

It can be difficult to drive at the beginning due to the congestion in traffic, and also the Vietnamese culture of driving. Also, you must get used to honking. Lots of it! In Vietnamese this usually is a sign of ‘I’m about to go by you’ or ‘Hurry up grandma’.

To know more about the things you need to be aware of prior to visiting Vietnam It is important to know the basics of…

Train and bus journeys in Vietnam

After spending a few days after a few days Vietnam it is clear that the Vietnamese seem to be very relaxed and don’t seem to be at a loss for time. This is a concept that has been incorporated into the public transportation system. Bus trips can be quite long. The traffic jams and the poor roads transform 6-hour trips into 10- to 12-hour journeys.

In any case, there are aspects to be aware of when taking a bus. Here are some useful suggestions.

  • It is easy to get bus tickets within the day.
  • You should think about booking your tickets via your hotel or hostel. It’s true that the ticket is somewhat more expensive, but they’ll organize a pickup from your hotel, and you won’t need to endure the hassle of getting to the station which could even reduce your expenses when you live in a large city.
  • It’s not unusual for a bus to arrive several hours late.
  • It is unlikely that you will be dropped off at a bus stop. The majority of bus trips in Vietnam I’ve taken ended up dropping on the highway. Prepare yourself for that.
  • On the bus that sleeps, remove your shoes prior to entering the bus. You should put them in a bag that the driver will provide for passengers.
  • There aren’t many washrooms on buses and a 10-hour journey usually has only two stops. There is a slim chance of locating ready-to-eat meal in the areas that the bus stops are slim, and the stops are crowded with unreliable restaurants. Be sure to pack plenty of food items before embarking on the long trip.

and Drink tips and Drink tips

  • The portions of food are tiny. I would always order two meals each when I ate because I was sure that one dish wouldn’t suffice.
  • Fruit is a popular dessert menu. I’m a huge fan of fruit and they are very inexpensive in Vietnam. But, I had a difficult time initially since I couldn’t locate fruits in the menu. It seems that in Vietnam fruit is considered as desert.
  • I’ve never seen a more affordable beer. You can get a beer in Vietnam for 13 cents! That means you could get drunk for just $2-3.
    • Soup-like dishes are common in Vietnam. The majority of them are tasty, including Vietnamese Pork Bowls However, be aware because they can be one of the main causes of stomach viruses among tourists. Check that the soup you order isn’t overcooked and is steaming hot.
    • Avoid the ‘Cheap Restaurant’ scam. It involves a local looking to have a drink. He will take you to a place in the middle of the tourist zone to sample traditional Vietnamese cuisine. It is possible to be drunk with all your belongings stolen or charged a hefty amount when the bill arrives.

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Vietnam has some undiscovered beaches

If you’ve been to Thailand, Indonesia, or The Philippines, Vietnam’s beaches could surprise you. Vietnam’s coastline is rugged and a bit rough during winter. But, there are truly stunning beaches that boast a vast white sand and excellent diving spots.

Vietnam’s beaches were not very popular in the past, but in recent years, they have started getting more attention. And nowadays, I can claim that Vietnam is truly a paradise for all kinds of people. From mountains, canyons caves waterfalls to breathtaking nature and stunning beaches…

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