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Travel Asia and discover all of the countries in Asia that will dazzle you with exotic culture, delectable Asian food, interesting architecture, and fascinating festivals and events. Asia offers a myriad of sight-seeing opportunities and options to travelers from around the world. The countries of Asia have tremendous diversity that you can explore and yet feel the singularity of cultures, traditions and values. If you travel Asia, you will notice that the region offers everything you can expect to enjoy during vacations or frequent travels. The household shrines in Thailand, the aroma of spices in Indian food, the scenic forests of Malaysia, and the turquoise beaches of the Maldives are some of the features that Asia has to offer.

Asia Society

The region is a spiritual haven where you can see the signs of deities of Buddhism and Hinduism and the rule of Islam. The countries of Asia hold several architectural wonders and sacred places for tourists and pilgrims to visit such as the Great Wall of China, the temples of Angkor in Cambodia, Ise Grand Shrine in Japan, the Taj Mahal in India, and many other places in Nepal, Thailand and Myanmar. In addition to architectural wonders and sacred monuments, travel Asia to experience the natural beauty and landscape that is as diverse as the region itself. You will find sublime coastlines, snow-capped mountains, hilly valleys, coupled with heavy rains and a lot of sunshine that makes the region truly an amazing place to be at any time of the year.

Asia Airfare

Researching Asia airfare and determining when the best time to travel is an important step. There are many international and Asia airlines to choose from. Cheap airfares to Asia are available from some of the well-known carriers, particularly if you book in advance. Most airlines that offer cheap international flights to Asia will also allow you to purchase an open-ended ticket with a 6 month or longer return date. Some of the budget Asia airlines to choose from are: Air Asia, Air Asia X, Jet Star Asia, Tiger Airways, and Cebu Pacific Airlines.

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Asia Hotels & Asia Rooms

• Asia Rooms and Asia Hotels

Traveling to Asia offers a plethora of adventure and experiences Almost all countries of Asia have modern urban cities, with almost 15 mega-cities among the top 25 which are situated in Asia: Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong, Singapore, Manila, Shanghai, Jakarta, Bangkok, Mumbai, and Taipei to name just a few. This is perhaps the most interesting feature of Asia, that the region combines the elements of indigenous culture and landscape with modernity and contemporary lifestyles. Besides enjoying dining and shopping in metropolis cities of Asia, you can also experience the wild jungles of Malaysia, the steppes of Mongolia, the wildlife of Southern India, the magnificent Alps of Japan and Bhutan, and remote islands of Maldives and Thailand.

Interesting Facts About Asia

Like the region itself, Asia facts are quite interesting as well. It has been estimated that 60% of all human population in the world is based in Asia, more than half of which are in only two countries, i.e. India and China. Asia is also home to three leading economies of the world, namely Japan, China and India, with three dominant financial centers in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore. It has the highest mountain peak in the world, Mountain Everest. Asia is also considered as the birth place of human civilization; and some of the oldest civilizations were based here.

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Map of Asia and Countries

To help you become familiar with the continent and to get around easier, use one of our many area and regional maps:

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Countries in Continent of Asia

Take an Asia tour, travel Asia and experience the wonderful diversity of the many cultures in Asia. As you travel in Asia you will have the chance to visit all of the countries of Asia. The primary regions of Asia are East Asia, Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia ( SE Asia ), and Southwest Asia.




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