10 Travel Tips From A Beginner Traveler

There is a growing demand for travel as the pandemic gradually fades and more countries and restaurants reopen to tourists and locals. It seems that everyone longs for a vacation after being trapped in their homes or with pets for over a year.

If you’re like me and have been in quarantine since you were a child and now you’re leaving as an adult, solo travel can seem scary. As I prepare to travel semi-solo, I have compiled a list of the top tips I received from people who I have shared my concerns with.

1. Never accept more than you are willing to lose.

When it comes to travel, the most important advice I have received is to never take in more than you can afford to lose. Take only what you will need to get through the day, and make sure that you have enough cash on hand for any emergency.

2. Print copies of all important documents.

Even though mistakes happen, they can be costly to rectify. To be prepared for the worst, you might want to print copies of all important documents just in case.

3. Make sure to have transportation.

The excitement of finding the best beaches or eating at the most popular restaurants can lead to getting lost in the search for them. Before you arrive in paradise, ensure transportation is on your list.

4. Reddit.

Reddit is more than just a place to share memes and get insider information about grad schools. Reddit is a place where you can ask the same questions as others. Reddit users know all the details. Seriously.

5. Cultural awareness is key.

This is an important one. This is a big one. The place you are staying at is not only your next Instagram photo or your ideal vacation week. It is also someone else’s home and will remain so long after you have left. Be aware of those around you when you travel. They are likely tired of tourists and are still recovering from a pandemic.

6. Follow travel blogs.

Travel bloggers offer great insight into where to go and how to do each activity. They even provide visuals along with their recommendations. If you need to see Portugal in 24 hours, I recommend watching some vlogs at twice the speed.

7. Pay attention to your finances.

While Visa debit and credit cards are accepted in many countries, it is still important to verify with your bank that the location you intend to visit accepts the card. It would be terrible to arrive and not be allowed to visit the restaurant you have been wanting to try.

8. Make sure you have the right outlets.

Although charging outlets may not be the most interesting thing to consider, they are essential for everyone. Sometimes outlets can change in a country. It may be worth purchasing some from Amazon before you travel so that you don’t end up paying high prices at the airport.

9. Dress appropriately for the occasion

Pay attention to the weather and humidity. Even if the sundress is cute, you don’t want it to rain.

10. You should have Wi-Fi and WhatsApp.

Wi-Fi and WhatsApp are essential for those who enjoy sending pictures to loved ones or enrolling in classes while on vacation. WhatsApp, a free app, allows you to communicate with your contacts via Wi-Fi or data if you have an International plan. Make sure you have it before leaving. I hope you found this list of tips useful and enjoyable. I will be adding more in the weeks to come. Enjoy your travels!


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