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Christmas Carols in a Choir

If you happen to be a part of any Choir, Christmas Carols would then appeal you in a different level altogether. Christmas carols have a power to help one forget all negative aspects of his life and fills his heart with new hope cheer and happiness.

Listening to or singing Christmas carols in a choir instill a certain degree of goodness and energy anyway; and if you happen to work with or simply witness children’s choir, Christmas celebration is then spread with a certain charm all over! Last Christmas Eve; choir carols music in Santa Barbara was a popular choice among all of us and so it was decided that we would be there for Christmas. All siblings put together made a group of nine. It was definitely a challenge for us to be able to master the most popular carols in a month’s time and perform in the most awaited venue of the year.

It was initially a little difficult for all of us to manage time everyday and come over for the rehearsals at nine in the evening. But thanks to the Christmas Sheet Music for choir and piano; we all had the exact notations, chords, scale, bridges and for certain songs – ideas for doing harmony as well. A search through the internet helped us immensely for two reasons. We found the lyrics of all the numbers on just a click. Secondly, we came across the different versions of each song. I truly had no clue that a simple Christmas carol of just two or three versus could be or was actually sung in so very many ways!!

We began well ahead in time and I have to agree that after a week, we couldn’t wait the whole day to come together and sing our favourite carols. Since we were nine of us, it was decided that we would practice nine numbers, one a favourite of each of us. So all of us, surfed through our music libraries and racks, checked with old carol books and selected one song each to add on to the final list of carols. We requested Father Bernard to be our pianist and he happily agreed. It was equally nostalgic for him as we would practice together in our childhood days for the mass on Sundays. He too seemed to re-live good old days!

Finally after rehearsing for a whole month; on Christmas Eve we performed all together. Check out our choir list that we’d prepared:

  • Come all ye faithful
  • We thank Thee
  • I’ll fly away
  • Across the bridge
  • The night watch
  • Silent night
  • Jingle bells
  • By the rivers of Babylon
  • Oh gentle shepherd

We all hope this Christmas is equally eventful!

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