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For The Love Of Seas – Wonderful Things That You Can Do With Your Boat

Having a boat on your own is quite an expensive business. It is so much fun to have a boat to yourself. You can go fishing, sailing and sometimes anchor out to the sea and enjoy a beautiful evening with no worry of the world. There are many ways you can use your boat and here are some of them.

Navigate using celestial navigation

Before GPS, celestial navigation was how the voyagers travelled. This is basically the art of determining your path with the position of stars. There are many ways to learn this type of navigation. Sail once without the help of all the electronics and feel yourself travel back in time.

Participate in races

Why hesitate to race when the machine is all yours? There are many boat races conducted yearly by various clubs. They are mostly friendly games which help you to socialize more with people of same interest and goals.

Drive over 100 MPH

One fun activity you can do with your boat is going over 100 MPH. You will experience the thrill in its purest form. It is an unforgettable experience to hit triple digits in a boat. This experience will change the way you feel about speed. If you are not very skilled for this venture get a veteran speedster particularly for this.

Try wakesurfing

Wakesurfing is one of the coolest things you can do with your boat. An appropriate boat for wakesurfing will take you on a surfing experience of a lifetime. Surfing with clean waves with no coast, just you, your boat and the endless stretch of water before you.

Take a slow ride

Take small peaceful rides in your boat sometimes. It will help you enjoy the water and a breezy evening. This has to be done every once just to feel good. It will also give you time to stop everything else for a while and just be in the moment.

Go boat camping

Camping with the boat is somewhat similar to backpacking. It is even more flexible and relaxing according to experienced people. You should be very self-sufficient in order to be camping with a boat. You will need essential camping stuff and emergency backup. Unlike backpacking, you cannot run to the nearby store every time to get supplies. You should carefully plan your meals and should have plenty of fuel, firewood, and ice.

Anchor out overnight

Sleeping in your boat’s ac rooms parked in the marina is one way to spend your evenings in your boat. Anchor out to the open water sometimes. Stay in the waters overnight and feeling the nature around you is one wonderful way to enjoy your life in a boat. A peaceful evening like this is not something everyone in the world gets to experience. Make some unique memories with your time in the boat.

Go whale watching

Take your boat out to watch the largest animal in the planet in its natural habitat. A whale-watching cruise is something everyone should do who owns a boat. It is a good thing to see and understand the nature for it is being damaged beyond repair every day.

Participate in geocoaching

It is a game where other boaters leave clues for hidden rewards. It can be found only through GPS coordinates. This game will not only earn rewards but helps you learn more about your electronics and also gives a feeling of times when there used to be real treasure hunting and related activities.

Sail in winter

Taking your boat out in winter can be very adventurous and also exciting. This needs extensive planning and a need to take a number of safety precautions before the journey. It can give you so many new places which are least explored during winters and a variety of beautiful landscapes. It can be dangerous if you don’t take it very seriously. Take your boat for wonderful experiences like this and make the most out of your life.

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